▪ The Weight Sampler performs a tare action of the weighing platform automatically once per hour at a
moment when there is no sow on the platform.

▪ Feed balance of today and yesterday is now shown in the quick view

▪ By default the ESF gives 5 portions of feed when performing a calibration action. The portions size is then
calculated as the average over these 5 portions. As with wet feed the portions are often less consistent in
size it is now possible to calibrate with more than 5 portions. This can be set in the settings of the behaviour
component of the ESF. Minimum and default value for this settings is 5 and the maximum value is 20.

▪ Farrowing feeding has been modified. When a sow is placed on a farrowing pen in Velos then Velos will
check if this sow has a feed allowance. If this is the case then the feed will be available for the sow
immediately. This means that in case the pen has no Nedap Activator the feed will be supplied immediately
and if the pen has a Nedap Activator then a teasing portion will be supplied and the sow can request feed

▪ Feeding according to farrowing feed plan has been improved. If all calendar events (insemination event,
pregnancy check event, farrowing event) were present everything worked fine already. In case of missing
events sows were sometimes fed according an incorrect part of the feeding curve. These cases have been
improved so that a sow is always fed according the correct part of the feed plan.
Example: There is an insemination event but no pregnancy check event and the sow has a farrowing event in
the past (parity > 0). In this case the sow was fed according the last day in the after farrowing part of the
feed plan where in fact she should be fed according the before farrowing part of the feed plan.

▪ Increased maximum feed amount per feed type to 100 kilograms in the feed plans to allow ad lib feeding.

▪ The monitor pages of the sow separator and the sow feeder with separator behaviour components now
show animal numbers instead of responder numbers.


▪ An attention will be generated if a PorkTuner is blocked for more than one hour. This attention can be
selected for e-mail notification. This way users can be notified in an early stage so they will not leave the
farm while PorkTuners are still blocked.

▪ Restrictions have been added on adding, removing and supplying of animals. This has been done so the
administration of each batch is always consistent. Following restrictions have been added:
– For “supply animals”, “add animals”, “remove animals” and “add comment” it is no longer possible to
specify a timestamp in the future.
– For “add animals”, “remove animals” and “add comment” it is no longer possible to specify a timestamp
that is before the last supply date.
– For “supply animals” it is no longer possible to specify a timestamp before an event of the previous

▪ Fixed an issue that caused the delivery state to not go to “Done” when saving the delivery. In this case it was
not possible to start a new delivery for the pens used in the previous delivery.



▪ Help button is now linked to the web help.

▪ A notification is shown on the dashboard when a new Velos (service) release is available.

▪ Option added to automatically update the VPack Firmware.
Navigate to Settings > Devices > Firmware to enable this option.


System Requirements

▪ The minimum version for mobile devices is iOS 14 / Android 5 or higher.

▪ Supported web browsers are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Velos 2021.1

Release notes

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