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Introducing imperial units, the option to ignore heat attentions, improved feeding calibrations, and more

Nedap introduces the next software update for 2019: the Nedap Velos version 2019.1. Discover all the novelties and their benefits and update your installation.

What’s new?

  • Imperial units
  • Ignore heat attentions
  • Disabled buttons on weight indicators
  • Automatic tare of PorkTuner weighing platform
  • Improved feed calibration
  • Setup wizard


Imperial units

Each individual user now has the ability to select their own preferred measurement system; imperial or metric. This changes the way Velos will show weights and distances.


Ignore heat attentions

In Nedap Velos 2019.1, users are able to ignore heat attentions the first days after insemination. The number of days to ignore heat attentions can be set by the user. This is especially convenient in situations where sows are introduced to the group shortly after being inseminated, often still showing signs of heat. This way these sows will be ignored, ensuring only sows newly return in heat will be detected.


Disabled buttons on weight indicators

The weight indicators on the Pig Performance Tester, the PorkTuner and the Weight Sampler are equipped with six buttons (Power, Zero, Tare, Gross/Net, Print and Function. In this software version, the buttons are disabled to prevent accidentally modifying the weighing process.

  • On the Pig Performance Tester all buttons are blocked. On the animal weigh indicator all buttons are blocked, except the Tare button.
  • On the PorkTuner weigh indicator, all buttons are blocked, except the Tare button.
  • On the Weight Sampler weigh indicator, all buttons are blocked, except the Tare button.


PorkTuner automatic tare of weighing platform

In the PorkTuner an automatic tare action is performed every time an animal has left the weighing platform. This automatic tare is done in sorting mode and delivery mode.


Improved feeding calibration

To ensure accurate feed rations, regular calibration of the stations is recommended. It is possible to calibrate one by one. After the first calibration, it is also possible to calibrate stations relative to another. This way, only one station has to be calibrated and Velos will then automatically calibrate each individual station based on the standard deviation. This is especially convenient after a newly delivered feed batch, where feed weight might differ.



A new setup wizard

Upon installing new Velos systems, users are guided through a setup wizard. This wizard makes it easy to setup Velos.

After entering your license code, Velos will automatically update to the latest available version for that license code. When connected to the internet.

Velos 2019.1

Release notes

Download an overview of the latest improvements released in the 2019.1 version

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