Nedap Automatic Sow Separation

Simple selection for individual attention

Nedap Automatic Sow Separation automatically finds sows from large groups and directs the individuals into small holding pens for easy access. Customizable functions include identifying and separating sows for farrowing, vaccinations, re-breeding or, sow RFID tag replacement.

Nedap Automatic Sow Separation is a labor-saving complement to Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding, helping you to treat each sow as an individual without wasting time searching for sows that need attention.

Nedap Automatic Sow Separation: The Benefits

  • Reduces labor needed to sort individuals from groups
  • Effectively sorts sows without causing stress to the animals or employees
  • Paint marks sows based on reason for separation for simple identification
  • Separates sows based on factors you establish

How it Works

Nedap Automatic Sow Separation in action at Thomas Livestock Co.