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Nedap introduces the first of multiple innovations for 2018: the Nedap Velos software version 2018.1

Game-changing novelties and new insights

Game-changing novelties and new insights within the Nedap COWcontrol™ software  fully adapt the user interface to the dairy herd management style of the farmer and his team. A brand new dashboard, advanced worklists, herd performance trends and additional insights ensure they can perform daily tasks easier and faster than ever.

Smart settings

Attention sensitivity and voluntary waiting period settings have been added to the Heat Detection and Health Monitoring modules. These settings provide more flexibility and allow users to further tailor Nedap COWcontrol™ to specific protocols, farm situations and user preferences.

Online webhelp and system setup

We have added a user friendly online web assistance function and made improvements to the system setup procedure.

Wireless repeat function

The revolutionary wireless repeat function allows the VP4102 UHF Reader to serve as a wireless transmitter for Smarttag messages, expanding the reading range of the Nedap COWcontrol™ system. At the same time, it simplifies the technical configuration while reducing installation time and effort.

Nedap Velos 2018.1 is now released and available. Discover all the novelties and their benefits in detail below.


Novelties and new insights

This new software version provides an unmatched user experience on all devices.  It combines the most relevant dairy herd information with attractive visuals and intuitive actions, allowing users to work easily and efficiently.

Here’s what is new:

  • The brand new   widget-based dashboard provides an overview of the most relevant and urgent attentions, to-do lists and reports. At a glance, it shows what needs to be done today and how the herd is performing.
  • The new   Herd Performance widget indicates how herd performance is doing. It shows the daily percentage of cows with behavior deviations. Cows are creatures of habit and perform at their best if every day follows the same format. Charting group and herd behavior gives insight into regularity due to a farm’s management. Detecting changes or abnormalities allows farmers to respond and make improvements. Learn more about herd performance trends.
  • New insights within the Heat Detection and Health Monitoring modules and widgets provide valuable information and help farmers to prioritize tasks. Cows with heat attentions are divided into one of the following categories: insemination period, voluntary waiting period, pregnant and suspicious heats. Animals to check are divided into the following categories: transition period and other animals.
  • The Animals to Check worklist    is updated continuously as new data is received, keeping it always up-to-date. This real-time cow data allows the farmer and his team to complete as many health checks as they want, at any time they want. This applies to Nedap COWcontrol™ systems using the (I)FER(P) Smarttag Neck.
  • Worklists within the Heat Detection, Health Monitoring and Herd Performance Trends (group and herd monitoring) modules automatically adapt to any PC, tablet and smartphone. Options to filter the worklists and hide columns ensure the system can easily be adapted to management processes and user preferences.



A number of settings within the Heat Detection and Health Monitoring modules have been added or improved. This allows users to tailor attentions/alerts to their management style, increasing efficiency and ease of use.

Voluntary waiting period (VWP)

From now on the user can set the voluntary waiting period (VWP) after birth for youngstock and postpartum for lactating cows. This setting can be used at the Heat Detection attention page to only show those cows on the worklist that are of interest to be bred. Users also have the flexibility to automatically sort cows within a certain insemination period (and not those in the VWP).

Heat attention sensitivity

The heat attention sensitivity settings can now be adjusted quickly and clearly using sliders. As a result, farmers can perform a strategy how they desire.  For example:  Check all cows  (high True Positive rate, more False Positive attentions) versus  Blind insemination  (low False Positive rate, backup protocol in place for missed heats).

Health attention sensitivity

The sensitivity of health attentions (urgent attentions, animals to check and group alerts) can also easily be adjusted with sliders.

Nedap Velos demo videos

Watch how the software works on the farm

These Nedap Velos user interface videos show how to work with our system and how the system works for farmers.

Heat Detection user interface

Watch video

Health Monitoring user interface

Watch video

Herd Performance Trends user interface

Watch video



The new user-friendly online web support function can help if any questions arise.  The ‘help’ button shows the information from the user manual based on where the user is at that moment. The information appears as an overlay directly into Velos.

Besides the online webhelp within Velos, the user manual is available as an online webpage.

Go to online user manual


System setup

Improvements were made to the procedure to set up the system, making it easier to put into operation.

Download the English installation manual on our Business Portal


Wireless repeat function

The revolutionary wireless repeat function allows the VP4102 UHF Reader to serve as a wireless transmitter for Smarttag messages, expanding the reading range of the Nedap COWcontrol™ system. It also simplifies the technical configuration while reducing installation time and effort. There is no need to wire the repeating UHF reader, which makes it extremely easy and fast to install, for any farm. It allows for a reading range of at least 200 meters indoor and 500 meters outdoor. What’s even better? It’s cost-effective.

Suggested Nedap COWcontrol™ system configurations have been defined for:

  • Medium size dairy operations
  • Pasture/grazing dairy operations
  • Large dairy operations
Download the system configurations on our Business Portal

VPU-connections and managementsoftware interface 2018.1

Download an overview of VPU-connections and managementsoftware interface for this software release.

Download overview

Download an overview of the latest improvements released in the 2018.1 version

Download overview