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What is the first or next step in your career? Nedap Livestock Management is always looking for innovative, independent employees. Newcomers are valuable to us because of their fresh eyes and recent knowledge. At Nedap we expect initiative, responsibility and personal entrepreneurship. Does this challenge you? Check out our vacancies!

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First people, then technology.

We dedicate ourselves to unlocking the talents and ambitions of people, both at Nedap and in the marketplace. We need to understand people, before we can develop technology to help them grow.

  • 20% of our employees have owned or own a swine or dairy farm
  • Our offices are located in Groenlo, Shanghai and Boston
  • We work with colleagues all over the world
  • We work with a worldwide network of industry leading business partners
  • We serve excellent coffee at our offices

Our assets

People. Culture. Leadership.

Nedap Campus in Groenlo, the Netherlands, is home to 700 of the brightest minds in design, engineering, software development, finance, HRM, project management, marketing and sales. A worldwide vibrant community that inspires to grow.

Within this community we encourage people to make the most of their ambitions, talents and dreams. We inspire each other to cultivate creativity and entrepreneurial skills, and to challenge the status quo. There is room to grow. Always.

For us leadership is not about hierarchy and management layers. It’s about people who take responsibility and act upon it. It’s about taking the lead.