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What is the first or next step in your career? Nedap Livestock Management is always looking for innovative, independent employees. Newcomers are valuable to us because of their fresh eyes and recent knowledge. At Nedap we expect initiative, responsibility and personal entrepreneurship. Does this challenge you? Check out our vacancies!

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We continually develop new products by making ingenious use of the knowledge and experience of our market groups. This joining of internal forces is an important success factor at Nedap. We offer our employees the opportunity to build businesses with technologies that matter.

Nedap has a flat organizational form: it’s all about the quality of the reasoning, not about hierarchy. As a result, initiative, perseverance and personal entrepreneurship characterizes everyone who works at Nedap.

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5 facts about working at Nedap Livestock Management

Working at Nedap Livestock Management means an international-oriented career on the cutting edge of technology and animal husbandry.

  • 20% of our employees have owned or own a swine or dairy farm
  • Our offices are located in Groenlo, Shanghai and Boston
  • We work with colleagues all over the world
  • We work with a worldwide network of industry leading business partners
  • We serve excellent coffee at our offices

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