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Automated solutions for individual pig farm management in the entire production cycle.


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Klaus Wendell
Klaus Wendell
Owner and operator
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“We can feed each sow exactly according to our pre-set feed curve."

About the farm

  • 500 sows
  • Expanded from 300 sows at transition to ESF
  • Multi-generation family farm

Nedap solutions


Weaned pigs per sow per year
Labor efficiency
System flags sows needing attention
Less than 10%
Return to estrus
Lúcio Marsal
Lúcio Marsal
Pig Production Manager
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"The new facility will require less staff"

About the farm

  • 1,500 sow breeding multiplication site
  • Expected annual production of 40,000 pigs
Mel Gerber
Mel Gerber
Mel Gerber - farm owner
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About the farm

  • 200 sows
  • 2 Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders
  • Remodeled sow barn built in 1996


Estimated reduction in feed waste
No concrete removed
Group pen designed over existing floor plan in stalled barn
Improved air quality
Open pen design improves air flow