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Toon Classens
Toon Classens
Owner of family farrow-to-finish operation
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"Having this kind of data puts us in a position to take a major step forward in technical terms."

About the farm

  • 2,400 finishing pigs
  • Sows in Nedap ESF
  • Were among the first farms to use Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders in dynamic pens
  • Finishes pigs in groups of 250


Uniform groups
The heaviest 40 % of pigs are get a grow-finish ration. The remaining pigs get starter feed.
Job satisfaction
"I enjoy going into the barn every day." - Sjef Classens
Recognition of quality
Milieukeur environmental quality label and Better Life (Beter Leven) star.
Klaus Wendell
Klaus Wendell
Owner and operator
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“We can feed each sow exactly according to our pre-set feed curve."

About the farm

  • 500 sows
  • Expanded from 300 sows at transition to ESF
  • Multi-generation family farm

Nedap solutions


Weaned pigs per sow per year
Labor efficiency
System flags sows needing attention
Less than 10%
Return to estrus
Thomas Livestock Company
Thomas Livestock Company
Tim Friedel, sow production manager
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“This is the first group sow management system I have been around I think is less stressful for the sow than being in a stall.”

About the farm

  • 22,000 sows at 4 sites
  • Finish their own pigs
  • Keep sows in dynamic groups of 250 or more


Calm sows
Forward-exit feeders minimize conflict
PSY. As productive as their individual gestation stalls
System is easy to use and saves time in pens