The Nedap Velos 2021.1 software version contains new and improved functionalities that provide new solutions, add valuable options to existing solutions and further increase the ease of use of Velos. This version is compatible with Taurus 2020.2 (

Custom options for pasture-based dairy operations

Several new features allow Nedap CowControl to be further tailored to the specific needs of pasture-based dairy operations. Specific options to customize seasonal breeding and voluntary waiting period (VWP) settings ensure the added value on these operations is further increased:

  • Enable “Seasonal Breeding” through Settings  > Calendar > General page.
  • Enter a date representing the end of the voluntary waiting period. The voluntary waiting period can also be set as a number of days since birth or after calving.

The entered VWP will be the input for the notification algorithms. Cows will now appear on the No heat and No insemination list when both the VWP in DIM and the date are passed.

QR-code simplifies input of responder numbers

Registering responder numbers in Velos is now possible by scanning a QR code printed on the SmartTags. This  significantly simplifies and speeds up the input process.
The Velos software now supports reading QR-codes. This allows responder numbers to be filled in automatically in fields where necessary. By clicking on the QR-button (see image), the smartphone or tablet camera is activated and upon recognition, the responder number is entered directly into the field.

This functionality has also been added to the handheld application:

Widget ‘Animals at unexpected group/pen’

The Animals at unexpected group/pen widget has been added to provide quick insight into which cows may be in the wrong group or pen. Through this feature, they can be quickly detected and moved to the right group/pen or corrected in Velos if necessary, thus avoiding potential problems and ensuring the operation runs as efficiently as possible.

The widget appears on the dashboard and shows animals that administratively have a different location than where they were detected by the system on the farm / in the barn.

Not linked smarttags

  • The Unknown animals page is now named Not linked smarttags.
  • Column Group/pen is added to the Not linked smarttags
  • Button name Not my smarttags on Not linked smarttags page is changed to Hidden tags.

Other additions and improvements

Various other options and improvements have been made to work more efficiently, more user-friendly and to gain better insights to make informed decisions.

  • No heat and No insemination attentions can now be generated for youngstock as well.
  • A filter option is added to the Group / pen column within the Heat detection and Animals to check attention lists, to be able to tailor the display of this column to personal preferences.
  • An option is added to view heat attentions for dry cows through Settings > Heat detection > Attentions.
  • An option is added to view heat attentions for youngstock from 8 weeks prior to the expected calving date till the expected calving date in Settings > Heat detection > Attentions.
  • Several improvements have been made on the page Behaviour within Smarttag notifications. As a result, insight and notification in this area are more clear and user friendly.
  • The Help button is now linked to the web help. User instructions that are relevant to the page concerned are now immediately available via the Help button.
  • An option is added to automatically update the VPack Firmware: to activate the option, navigate to Settings > Devices > Firmware.


Minimum system requirements

Mobile device versions :
iOS 14
Android 5.0

Supported browsers:
Chrome, Edge

Velos 2021.1

Release notes

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