Feed finishing pigs individually within groups

Optimize ROI in your finishing barn

Nedap PorkTuner automatically sorts and feeds finishing pigs based on weight. The station weighs and identifies each pig and automatically directs it to the feed ration you want it to have based on its performance. When a pig reaches your pre-selected target finishing weight, the system sorts it from the group for trucking.

You can manage groups of finishing pigs and deliver your pigs to market at exactly the right weight.

Quit wasting pig feed on heavy pigs. Automated grower-finisher pig weighing and sorting give you the control to feed each pig what he needs and get the most out of every finishing group.

Nedap PorkTuner: The Benefits

  • More kilos (more meat) sold per square meter of floor-space
  • Precise and individual feeding for specific body weights and performance levels
  • Data on activity, weight, growth and sorting results 24/7
  • Detailed insights of accurate forecasts for optimal planning
  • Automated delivery at target weight for maximum revenue
  • 99% effective use of floor-space
  • Higher profits due to feeding efficiency
  • Reduced workload & lower labor costs

Nedap automation in action

Are you looking for a tool to improve the uniformity of your finishing groups? Do you want to improve feed efficiency by feeding pigs based on weights? How could Nedap PorkTuner support your goals?

Toon Classens
Owner of family farrow-to-finish operation
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"Having this kind of data puts us in a position to take a major step forward in technical terms."

About the farm

  • 2,400 finishing pigs
  • Sows in Nedap ESF
  • Were among the first farms to use Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders in dynamic pens
  • Finishes pigs in groups of 250