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Introducing the 1000 Day Calendar - and more

Nedap introduces the next software update for 2018: the Nedap Velos version 2018.3. Discover all the novelties and their benefits and update your installations.

What’s new?

  • 1000 Day Calendar
  • Improved reports
  • Quick entry
  • Data applications


1000 Day Calendar

The 1000 Day Calendar is based on the PIC breeding calendar. In Velos you can enable the 1000 Day Calendar per user. When enabled, all pig dates (like birth dates, insemination dates and pregnancy checks are shown in this format.


Improved Reports

In the Reports section, you are now able to choose animals to be separated. All reports have the same structure and contain the following options: Print the overview, Download as CSV file, Make selections, Sort data, Show/hide columns.


Quick entry

The Quick Entry is divided into 2 steps: 1. Selections, 2. Actions. First, select animals, either by number, group, feed plan, location or attention type. The selection will be checked for validity and the total will be shown. In the second step, one or multiple actions can be performed. Think of separation, marking, changing feed plans, etc. A remark can be added.


Data Applications

Velos 2018.3 is compatible with optional Data Applications. The Nedap technology that provides pigs with an accurate amount of feed and guides them to the right location can be a monitoring tool at the same time.

Collecting and analyzing data that is produced by existing and new sensors incorporated within Nedap’s housing and management concepts offers new opportunities in improving performance and sustainability of pig production. In co-operation with the pig production chain, nutrition and genetic partners, Nedap is involved in numerous projects to make new data applications available.

Discover Data Applications for these solutions:

About Nedap Velos 2018.3

Velos 2018.3 is released for the applications ESF, Farrowing Feeding and Pig Performance Testing.

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