VP8002 ready

Nedap releases Velos 2020.1

Nedap introduces the first software updates for 2020: The Nedap Velos version 2020.1. Discover all the novelties and their benefits and update your installation.

As per the 27th of April, 2020, the VP8002 will be equipped with Velos 2020.1 by default. It is possible to read a backup of Velos 2016.1 (5.11) or higher to Velos 2020.1. Please note you are not able to restore backups of older systems.

Velos 2020.1

VP8002 ready

The next generation of the Nedap process computers, the VP8002, is now available in the product portfolio. Equipped with a faster processor and two ethernet ports for both LAN and internet connectivity, it is capable of supporting larger farms and ready for further development in the future. Nedap Velos 2020.1 has full VP8002 support.