First release of Velos 2021.2. This version is suitable for use in SowSense, PorkSense and ProSense.


1.Farrowing feeding with Nedap Activator. To prevent sows from asking for too much feed in a short amount
of time, the feed speed setting is now used. The feed speed is checked over a moving time window of 10
minutes. A sow may therefore exceed the programmed feed speed for a short while but if she does the feed
speed will be limited afterwards. If for example the feed speed is set to 150 grams per minute the sow will
never get more than 1500 grams of feed in any time window of 10 minutes.

2. Improved farrowing feeding visit events.
– The start of a visit is now always after the end time of the previous visit.
– If a sow eats and stops triggering the Activator for longer than 5 minutes a feeding visit event is
generated. End time of the visit is now set to 5 minutes ago.
– If a sow eats and stops triggering the Activator for longer than 5 minutes then the programmed value
now decreases after each visit

3. Fixed an issue where the number of responders was not checked against the setting for number of
responders when adding an animal.


1.Consistent calculations
Several of the outcome measures of pig performance testing were not consistent throughout Velos. This caused
slight deviations of calculated values on different pages in Velos. There are five pages that contain these
outcome measures:
– Farm overview page
– Location overview page
– Animal overview page
– Animal data report
– Ranking the pigs report
The calculations are now consistent over all these pages


1.It is now possible to deliver animals that are in a certain weight range. Where in the past it was only possible
to deliver the lightest or the heaviest animals of the group it is now also possible to deliver a midrange.

2.Delayed delivery

It is now possible to delay the start of a delivery. This way it is now possible for example to prepare the delivery
and set the fencing correctly for delivery during the day when people are present on the farm and actually start
the delivery remotely in the evening when nobody is present at the farm anymore.
A setting on the farm overview page specifies whether the start of deliveries is delayed or not. When deliveries
are delayed there is an extra step in the delivery process: Wait for delivery start. A user action is required then in
the Velos user interface to actually start the delivery.

3. It is now possible to start a delivery even if the Velos installation has no internet connection.

4. Shorter learning phases are now allowed. Minimum values are now:
– Learning phase 1: 3 days
– Learning phase 2: 3 days
– Learning phase 3: 3 days
– Learning phase 4: 3 days
– Learning phase 5: 2 days
Default and recommended values are unchanged:
– Learning phase 1: 14 days
– Learning phase 2: 7 days
– Learning phase 3: 7 days
– Learning phase 4: 5 days
– Learning phase 5: 2 days

5. Fixed an issue where the PorkTuner status light did not indicate state learning finished correctly.

Velos 2021.2

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