Labor availability

Challenge: Not enough resources

Increased labor costs and availability are causing dairy farms to do more with fewer employees. This means there are less employees to identify areas of concern.

Without employees detecting potential issues on the farm, diseases can go undiagnosed and lead to:

  • Lowered reproductive performance
  • Increased illness
  • Lowered milk production
  • More serious health conditions
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More fun and efficiency

Challenge: Work pleasure and labor efficiency

Finding the right employees for the work on your dairy farm is not easy nowadays.  The ideal combination of qualified, motivated and at the same time affordable staff sometimes seems to be inoperable.

But would it be easier to find them knowing that smart dairy farming technology makes working on dairy farms more attractive? And what if technological solutions could take over some of their work?

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These solutions help you face labor challenges.

Maximize herd performance and farm efficiency with the all-in-one herd monitoring and management system.

Control your cow flow. Save time and labor.

The exact ration of concentrate feed at the right time for optimal production while saving on feed and labor costs.