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Face the dairy management challenges of today and tomorrow

From herd management to farm management to people management, you navigate challenges daily. What challenges are getting  in the way of successful, efficient production on your farm? At Nedap Livestock Management, we understand the challenges because we’ve worked side-by-side with owners and managers on dairy farms around the world. We’ve helped teams  identify what’s not working and find solutions that meet their  dairy management goals.

For decades, we’ve been developing technological solutions for real-world challenges in dairy farming. We are happy to bring what we’ve learned to your farm.


Learn more about the following challenges and the solutions that Nedap offers to face them.

Detect problems before they damage your milk yield and bottom line.

Detecting heat sooner and getting cows pregnant quicker

Monitoring cow health 24/7 to avoid missing key health issues on your farm

Knowing and understanding the eating and rumination behavior of individual cows and groups

Save time, prevent injuries and avoid stress when handling your cattle

Labor efficiency and the availability of qualified and motivated staff

Stop searching - start finding

Turning data into insights and integrate it with your farm