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Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification.

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Smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management.

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At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives.

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Jean Claude Menut
Jean Claude Menut
Beef cattle farmer
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"I can no longer live without it."

About the farm

  • 85 purebred Limousins
  • 85 yearlings
  • 145 hectares of grassland for feed production and grazing
  • Nedap COWControl™ with Heat Detection and Health Monitoring


+ 15-20%
More heats detected than before
More cows calving
During preferred two-month window
System saves loads of time
Ingolf Bohn
Ingolf Bohn
Operations manager at dairy farm
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"It has made our work a lot easier."

About the farm

  • Cooperative dairy and crop farm Am Schmooksberg e.G.
  • 300 cows in two barns
  • 1,800 hectares, of which 250 are used as pasture
  • 22 full-time employees, of which 6 are responsible for the dairy cattle
  • 9,600 kg per cow, with 4.1% fat and 3.5% protein
  • Animals are fed silage, corn, grass and concentrates
  • Lactating animals kept in 4 production groups


191 days
Average days of cows in lactation
30.4 litres
Average daily production
25 months
Average calving age
Jan Francke
Jan Francke
Farm owner
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"We see open days being reduced, and heat detection is stunning in both younger and older animals."

About the farm

  • 100 dairy cows
  • 70 youngstock
  • Using CRV Ovalert, equipped with technology by Nedap
Per and Laila Rytter
Per and Laila Rytter
Dairy farmers
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“The right insemination time leads to greater success."

About the farm

  • 205 cows, 220 female youngstock and 80 bulls
  • Some of the youngstock are sold after calving
  • Average production 10.220 kg milk with 3.98% fat and 3.37% protein
  • 240 hectares of land under maize, grass and cereals
  • 3 full-time employees
  • Using Nedap for youngstock and dairy cows since 2013


65% of heifers
Inseminated in first heat
52% of second-calf cows
Inseminated in first heat
49% of cows
Fall pregnant from the first insemination
Emilio Magallón
Emilio Magallón
Director of nutrition and Innovation at Inga Food
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"The Nedap PPT's generate a huge amount of information that we use every day"

About the farm

  • Part of Inga Food, leading pig production company in Spain
  • Genetic program 'Castua' uses Nedap ProSense
  • 15.000 Iberian sows

Nedap solutions

Antónia Polner
Antónia Polner
Herd manager
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"If only we’d had this system sooner"

About the farm

  • 1100 dairy cows, 630 yearlings, 400 calves
  • 90 staff members, led by 2 herd managers
  • Annual production yield of 9600kg milk (20.5kg protein)
  • Cows average 2.35 lactations per lifetime
  • Calving interval varies between 435-439 days


Timely recognition
of heat and health problems
4-5 inseminations per pregnancy
Down from 7 inseminations
420 cows inseminated in July
Up from 260 in July last year