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Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification. Discover what we can do for you:

Dairy farming

Smart technology for effecient and effective herd management on future-oriented dairy farms.

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Pig farming

Automated solutions for individual pig farming management in the entire production cycle.

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Our vision

At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives. At the heart of our Technology for life philosophy is our drive to truly understand what people need to excel in their workplace. We make products that meet those needs, unlocking the power of purpose in people and changing the way they live their professional lives.

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Mel Gerber
Mel Gerber
Mel Gerber - farm owner
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About the farm

  • 200 sows
  • 2 Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders
  • Remodeled sow barn built in 1996


Estimated reduction in feed waste
No concrete removed
Group pen designed over existing floor plan in stalled barn
Improved air quality
Open pen design improves air flow
Michel Sourdioux, CEO
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“Nedap Pig Performance Testing provides us a solid foundation that has proven its value over many years”

About the farm

  • AXIOM is the largest boar testing center in Europe
  • Second largest breeding company in France
  • 136,000 reproducers supplied in 2014 (50% abroad)
  • Nearly 12 million pigs from AXIOM lines are slaughtered each year
  • Founded in 1989 by two cooperatives, UCAGENOF (Pas de Calais) and CADS, now part of the Cooperative Agrial (Calvados)
  • The AXIOM group has around 50 employees

Nedap solutions

Spring Lake Pork
Spring Lake Pork
Jerry Epperson, Owner
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"I think the producers need to get into an ESF building and see the animals up close. They will be impressed."

About the farm

  • 5,500 sows in Nedap ESF


Improved conception rates
Rates have improved since transition from crates.
Calm pens
Sows don't associate people with feed.
Precise feeding
"No human error, no guessing on the drop adjustment."
Christoph Philippen
Christoph Philippen
Farm manager
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"We can now identify cows on heat better and sooner than before”

About the farm

  • 200 dairy cows and 200 youngstock
  • Average production 10.400 kg milk with 4.43% fat and 3.45% protein
  • 115 hectares of land under grass, corn, cereals, sugar beet
  • Implemented Nedap COWcontrol™ through Semex AI24


HTR: 71%
Up from 56%
ICP: 373 days
Down from 384 days
Days open: 98
Down from 110
Andreas Poppe
Andreas Poppe
Dairy farmer
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"I think my investment in Nedap COWcontrol™ will pay for itself within two years."

About the farm

  • Sandbostel, Germany
  • 225 cows
  • Cows kept in one large group


2 years
Payback time of Nedap system
32 days
Reduced calving interval
2 hours
Time-saving per day
Dirk and Michael Schröder
Dirk and Michael Schröder
Dairy farmers
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"We would make the same investment again today."

About the farm

  • Dairy and crop farm
  • 500 dairy cows - 410 lactating animals - and 600 young stock (Holsteins and Canadian-Frisians)
  • Youngstock pastures at the end of the year
  • 10,000 kg per cow, with over 4% fat and 3.43% protein
  • 13 full-time employees
  • 1,000 hectares of land


Reduced calving interval
From 400+ to 397 days
1 FTE labor savings
Fertility management done by 1 person instead of 2
Better work day
Elimination of a lot of hassles