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Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification.

Dairy farming

Smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management.

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Automated solutions for individual pig farming management in the entire production cycle.

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Our vision

At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives.

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Paul Bradley
Paul Bradley
Farm manager at Ermine Farms
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"Since October 2015, I save half a kilo of feed per sow every day"

About the farm

  • 2200 sows
  • Nedap system in use since 1998
  • 600 dry sows in two dynamic groups


Average feed per sow down
From 7.3 kilos to 6.8 kilos
Improved health
Sows in better condition at weaning
Sows are earlier in heat
Inseminated a day earlier
Klaus Wendell
Klaus Wendell
Owner and operator
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“We can feed each sow exactly according to our pre-set feed curve."

About the farm

  • 500 sows
  • Expanded from 300 sows at transition to ESF
  • Multi-generation family farm

Nedap solutions


Weaned pigs per sow per year
Labor efficiency
System flags sows needing attention
Less than 10%
Return to estrus
Jorgen Lindberg
Jorgen Lindberg
CEO of Scandinavian Farms China
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"Compared to same feed and genetics weaning weight is about 0,75 kg more per piglet"

About the farm

  • 7700 sows, 70.000 finishing pigs
  • 2040 Nedap Farrowing Feeders
  • 128 Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders
  • 32 Central Separation Units
  • 32 Heat Detection Units
Lúcio Marsal
Lúcio Marsal
Pig Production Manager
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"The new facility will require less staff"

About the farm

  • 1,500 sow breeding multiplication site
  • Expected annual production of 40,000 pigs
Eric Bonnot
Eric Bonnot
Beef cattle farmer
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"It saves me a lot of time, and I never miss a single heat cycle any more."

About the farm

  • Beef cattle farm in the Burgundy region of France
  • 65 hectares of grassland for grazing cows
  • 85 cows and 85 youngstock (Charolais)
  • Also 60 hectares of tillable land


Improved fertility rates
All heat cycles detected
Time saving
No visual heat detection
Healthier cows
Early detection of health issues
Jean Claude Menut
Jean Claude Menut
Beef cattle farmer
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"I can no longer live without it."

About the farm

  • 85 purebred Limousins
  • 85 yearlings
  • 145 hectares of grassland for feed production and grazing
  • Nedap COWControl™ with Heat Detection and Health Monitoring


+ 15-20%
More heats detected than before
More cows calving
During preferred two-month window
System saves loads of time