We help livestock farmers to be the best performing farmers in the world.

Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification.

Dairy farming

Smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management.

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Automated solutions for individual pig farming management in the entire production cycle.

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Our vision

At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives.

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Bryden Hope
Bryden Hope
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“The Nedap system is definitely user-friendly, the sows are comfortable in the system and it is very efficient."

About the farm

  • 1,300-head sow operation
  • 240 sows per pen
  • Built new in spring 2017


Two hours less
of labor per day
Within 24 hours
sows sorted in holding pen
Zero feed waste
with Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding
Brian Mooney
Brian Mooney
Dairy farmer
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"It’s not how it changes it, it‘s how it keeps things the same."

About the farm

  • 220 dairy cows
  • Spring calving based
  • Grazing
  • 100 hectares of land


Saving labor
More cows with the same amount of labor
Accurate heat detection
In the future 100% AI to get rid of the stock bulls
Health monitoring
Helping the vet to make more aimed decisions
Hilde Bosgoed
Hilde Bosgoed
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"I am enthusiastic about caring for sows in large groups, and I would not have it any other way"

About the farm

  • 2,950 finisher pigs
  • Large groups of 325-375
  • Equipped with 8 PorkTuners

Nedap solutions

Josep Puigdollers
Josep Puigdollers
President of Gepork
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"The robust feeding stations withstand the day to day activities of the sows"

About the farm

  • 3 Multiplication farms
  • 2500 sows
Farm Ramon
Farm Ramon
Aleix Ramon, Co-owner, Farm Ramon
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"Nedap is providing advanced technology with options to provide detailed individual feeding strategies."

About the farm

  • 1,000 sows
  • Multi-generational family farm
  • One of first farms in Spain to use Nedap ESF


Reduction in pig mortality with automated farrowing feeders
Improved pig weights
In pens with automated farrowing feeders
Improved feed efficiency
ESF software allows for gradual changes in sow rations
Antónia Polner
Antónia Polner
Herd manager
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"If only we’d had this system sooner"

About the farm

  • 1100 dairy cows, 630 yearlings, 400 calves
  • 90 staff members, led by 2 herd managers
  • Annual production yield of 9600kg milk (20.5kg protein)
  • Cows average 2.35 lactations per lifetime
  • Calving interval varies between 435-439 days


Timely recognition
of heat and health problems
4-5 inseminations per pregnancy
Down from 7 inseminations
420 cows inseminated in July
Up from 260 in July last year