We help livestock farmers to be the best performing farmers in the world.

Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification.

Dairy farming

Smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management.

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Pig farming

Automated solutions for individual pig farming management in the entire production cycle.

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Our vision

At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives.

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Bryden Hope
Bryden Hope
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“The Nedap system is definitely user-friendly... the sows are comfortable in the system, and it is very efficient."

About the farm

  • 1,300-head sow operation
  • 240 sows per pen
  • Built new in spring 2017


Two hours less
of labor per day
Within 24 hours
sows sorted in holding pen
Zero feed waste
with Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding
Chet Mogler
Chet Mogler
Farm manager
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"Top sow condition, minimal labor"

About the farm

  • 4.400 sow facility
Eric Bonnot
Eric Bonnot
Beef cattle farmer
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"It saves me a lot of time, and I never miss a single heat cycle any more."

About the farm

  • Beef cattle farm in the Burgundy region of France
  • 65 hectares of grassland for grazing cows
  • 85 cows and 85 youngstock (Charolais)
  • Also 60 hectares of tillable land


Improved fertility rates
All heat cycles detected
Time saving
No visual heat detection
Healthier cows
Early detection of health issues
Genetica Meidam
Genetica Meidam
Eric Hindson, director
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“Nedap is a perfect partner. They are highly committed to providing support and service.”

About the farm

  • Four farms in Spain and the United Kingdom
  • Total of about 10,000 sows

Nedap solutions


Individual care
RFID technology allows for individual care within the group
Optimal insight
Reliable data illustrates performance differences between lines.
Educated decisions
Can anticipate performance and respond with feed adjustments
Anna-Britta and Herbert Nyman
Anna-Britta and Herbert Nyman
Dairy farmers
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"I've really developed 100% confidence in the system.”

About the farm

  • 160 cows (Holstein x Swedish Red)
  • 170 young stock
  • 350 hectares
  • 2 x 10 herringbone milking parlor
  • 10,000 kg milk per cow (3.4% fat, 4.3% protein)


More profitable
Improved insemination rates
Time savings
No time wasted searching for cows
1 week
Installation and setup time of the entire system
Toon Classens
Toon Classens
Owner of family farrow-to-finish operation
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"Having this kind of data puts us in a position to take a major step forward in technical terms."

About the farm

  • 2,400 finishing pigs
  • Sows in Nedap ESF
  • Were among the first farms to use Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders in dynamic pens
  • Finishes pigs in groups of 250


Uniform groups
The heaviest 40 % of pigs are get a grow-finish ration. The remaining pigs get starter feed.
Job satisfaction
"I enjoy going into the barn every day." - Sjef Classens
Recognition of quality
Milieukeur environmental quality label and Better Life (Beter Leven) star.