Stay in control

Automated Cow Sorting and Routing

Nedap Sorting and Routing controls the entire cow flow on the farm. The processes of separating cows for treatment and routing cows to any specific location in the barn or to pasture are fully automated. This saves time and labor and facilitates controlled growth. Integration with Nedap CowControl makes it possible to automatically separate cows needing to be inseminated or treated according to heat and health alerts, without having to touch them a single time. Nedap Sorting and Routing is extremely flexible with capabilities including:

  • Incidental or repeated sorting
  • Sorting and routing per animal or group
  • Sorting based on notification alerts

The system is designed from the renowned  Nedap Identification Technology. With Nedap technology on your farm, you build a solid foundation for additional growth and improved effectiveness.

Improve cow flow

Save time and labor

With Nedap Sorting and Routing, the entire process of separating cows for treatment and/or routing cows where you want them is fully automated. The system controls the entire cow flow on the farm. Using the  Nedap Dairy Management System, you or  your employees can easily determine which individual cow or cow groups need to be separated or routed and the location to where they need to be sent.

You select, Nedap separates! This saves valuable time and labor.

Nedap Sorting and Routing

Expand with other Nedap solutions

Thanks to the flexible design of the Nedap Dairy Management System, it is easy to expand with other Nedap applications in addition to Sorting and Routing. Other solutions:

Maximize herd performance and farm efficiency with the all-in-one herd monitoring and management system.

The exact ration of concentrate feed at the right time for optimal production while saving on feed and labor costs.

Accurate milk production data for every cow to steer your business operations in a targeted direction every day.