More desirable nutrition

Tracking and knowing every detail of your cow’s nutrition has never been so easy

Your dairy cow nutrition program affects the productivity of your cows and the overall success of your dairy. When the average case of ketosis costs you $289, and as much as $375 for first calf heifers *, keeping all cows healthy from any disease matters. If you could identify sick cows before a decrease in production, would you?

With Nedap technology, you can.

* J.A.A. McArt, D.V. Nydam, M.W. Overton, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University. 2015. Estimating the costs of ketosis. Journal of Dairy Science.

Stop problems before they become severe

Personally monitoring the health of every cow throughout every day is unrealistic. Let Nedap do that for you. Your cows should be spending an average of 7-10 hours ruminating and 3-5 hours eating each day. With Nedap technology, monitoring the eating, rumination and lying time of your cows is done for you. This technology will measure and alert you of any cow’s deviation from her normal behavior, making you aware of potential problems before they become severe, and before production suffers.

Nedap Health Monitoring

Measure ration impacts immediately

Normally, when you make a ration change you can’t see or evaluate the impact on your herd until weeks later. Nedap cattle management software provides you with the information to help you almost immediately identify the impact of the change. You can use that data to make more informed decisions about your feeding program.

Herd Performance Trends

Individual concentrate feeding

Nedap dairy farming technology can individualize your feeding program for each cow so you don’t have to. Each cow will receive the right ration for her milk production potential based on her data. This effective method of individual concentrate feeding allows you to continually update the ration while reducing feed waste. Ultimately, improving your return on investment.

Nedap Electronic Concentrate Feeding


Find your solutions to achieve these benefits

Proactive individual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

Measure and evaluate the impact of feeding, milking and housing strategies on herd performance.

The exact ration of concentrate feed at the right time for optimal production while saving on feed and labor costs.