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Introducing Farrowing Feeding Stand Alone - and more

Nedap introduces the first of multiple innovations for 2018: the Nedap Velos version 2018.2. Discover all the novelties and their benefits and update your installations.

What’s new?

  • Farrowing Feeding Stand Alone
  • Improved calendar settings
  • Added roles and permissions


Farrowing Feeding Stand Alone

With this optional module, sow numbers are generated automatically during setup of the farrowing pens. This makes Farrowing Feeding an attractive solution whether you use the RFID tags or not. Additionally, the possibility to clear calendar events is added to Quick Entry. This makes clearing multiple farrowing dates a one-click task.


Improved calendar settings

Navigating through calendar settings becomes easy with the improved interface. Information is now divided into tabs, separating ‘General’ settings and ‘Attentions’. You are now also able to enable or disable automatic farrowing. This way, expected farrowing date will be a real farrowing event in order to raise the parity number.


Added roles and permissions

It is now possible to manage your staff’s permissions with added roles and permissions. All modules can be set to view or edit and any role can be defined. To get you started, default roles for Management and Service are already added.

About Nedap Velos 2018.2

Velos 2018.2 is released for the applications ESF, Farrowing Feeding and Pig Performance Testing.

This version replaces 2016.2 and 2017.1, which will no longer be supported.

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