The Nedap Velos 2022.1 software version contains new and improved functionalities that provide new solutions, add valuable options to existing solutions and further increase the ease of use of Velos. This version is compatible with Taurus 2020.2 (

An installation needs to run on version 2021.1 or higher to be able to update to this version. If an installation has a lower version be sure to first update to version 2021.1.

Nedap MilkingControl

New MilkingControl software

The software for Nedap’s new MilkingControl solutions is released.
  • Nedap SmartFlow related software. This enables milk flow monitoring in parlors with the new Nedap SmartFlow.
  • InTouch related software. Together with the Nedap SmartFlow, new milking place control hardware is developed, named the InTouch. This device controls all milking related processes, it uses the flow information coming from the SmartFlow.
  • New Parlor monitor software. The new software has a complete new look and feel and shows real time milking and animal data from the parlor during milking. For active users of the parlor monitor software, please contact Nedap’s Service and Support department before updating. A license update is required, in order to use the latest software version of the improved parlor monitor.

Check the user manuals on the portal for the full description of all functionalities of the new Nedap MilkingControl software.

Milk separations

Milk separations for the colostrum period are now more visible in Velos. After adding a calving event, Velos will create a milk separation for the set duration (Settings > Milking > Attentions > Colostrum).
This milk separation will be shown in the ‘Milking’ attention widget on the dashboard. This widget already holds the milk separations of animals, entered via the ‘Milking’ tab on the animal overview page.
These milk separations will be removed automatically when they expire according to the set duration. This increased visibility of milk separations for the colostrum period does not alter the functionality of MPCII regarding milk separations.

Nedap CowControl

Health graphs improved for rumination tags

Cow page: The animal to check attention colors the bar of the inactive graph red. No bars of other graphs (eating, ruminating) will be colored red anymore. An exclamation mark in a red triangle above the bar of the day represents an urgent attention on that specific day.

Changes in the group health and management charts

No bars in the bar charts are colored red anymore. On days with a group health attention, the group attention icon, an orange circle with a white exclamation mark inside, is visible.

Various other options and improvements have been made to work more efficiently, more user-friendly and to gain better insights to make informed decisions.

  • Maximum amount of characters for an animal life number is increased to 20
  • The Separation Overview report is now available for all users with a separation license
  • The online help for feeding can now be accessed from the Velos interface by pressing on the top-right Help button
  • Improved the VPU connection checker page
    -Show a description what will be repaired in case there is a problem
    -Show the repair button only in case there is a problem
    -Only show units with problems

Minimum system requirements

Mobile device versions :

iOS 14
Android 5.0

Supported browsers:

Chrome, Edge

Velos 2022.1

Release notes

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