No pig is anonymous

Individual pig management in group settings

No matter what niche you’re working in pork production, you work every day to do the right thing. We have tools you can use to become more efficient with precision pig farming solutions. We provide automation  pigs in all phases, from the development of high-performing genetics to productive finishing pigs.

With our tools, you can observe every pig in your barn and decide which pigs need your attention.

How?  Our RFID technology helps you identify and monitor each pig in your herd with precision pig farming tools including electronic sow feeding systems for gestation pens or farrowing crates, automated pig sorting for grow/finish operations and pig performance testing for boar or breeding sow development. These tools help you give your pigs the best of both worlds: the research-proven benefits of group housing with the precision of individual pig management.

You also can get the best of both worlds: reduced waste and maximum pig performance.

Above all, we will be your teammate while you transition into your new system. You want the most out of your investment in any of our technology, and we want you to succeed. We are available to answer your questions – no matter how big or small – as you make the transition into automated precision pig farming.

Sow standing by Nedap electronic sow feeder