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Challenge: Keeping pigs and employees safe

You work hard to provide the best care for your sows and the safest working environment for your employees handling pigs in groups. Injuries to pigs or people can affect morale and negatively impact your potential profits.

Employees are trained to handle animal based on predicted behavior, but every barn manager knows animals are sometimes unpredictable. A particularly unpredictable challenge is the boar used for finding sows in heat in group pens.

How could automation improve sow management on your farm?

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Calm sows and people

Challenge: Handling sows quickly and efficiently

Most sows kept in individual gestation stalls avoid contact with people. A sow considers the stall her personal space, and, if approached, will move to avoid being touched. Trying to handle sows in stalls can be time-consuming and stressful for people and pigs alike.

Missouri producer Mel Gerber noticed his sows became easier to handle when he remodeled his stalled barn into group gestation with Nedap ESF:

“In a stall, if I walked up and put my hand in, the sow backed away from me. That doesn’t happen anymore with Nedap ESF. Now, I can walk through the pen, and they’re all comfortably lying there. They’ll look up at me like, ‘Please move. You’re blocking the sun.’


“My sows are much more content. They don’t run away from me, and they’re not aggressive to each other.”

How would your operation improve if your sows were calm and unafraid of people?

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Curious how automated solutions could help you handle pigs on your farm? Watch Nedap's tools for precision pig farming in action at Spring Lake Pork.

Spring Lake Pork
Jerry Epperson, Owner
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"I think the producers need to get into an ESF building and see the animals up close. They will be impressed."

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