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Sow Barn Remodeling: Thomas Livestock Company

Electronic Sow Feeding
Nedap SowSense
Sow barn remodeling

The remodeling project at Thomas Livestock Company’s Pigeon Ranch facility is part of a plan to phase out individual gestation stalls and convert the entire operation to group sow housing. Thomas Livestock Company is using Nedap’s automated sow feeders and management system in all its current sow facilities as well as a future building project. Thomas Livestock chose the Nedap system because it is designed with the sow in mind. The system keeps sows calm with forward-exits and locking entrances on sow feeders to prevent sow conflict. By directing traffic one-way only and keep the group calm, supporting sow well-being as well as productivity. The Nedap system also supports productivity with precise, individual feeding, accurate heat detection and a sow separation that helps employees work quickly and efficiently. Tim Friedel and Steve Horton explain why they chose to remodel a 9-year-old stall barn and how group sow gestation pens with Nedap ESF keep their sows calm, comfortable and productive.

Thomas Livestock Company
Tim Friedel, sow production manager
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“This is the first group sow management system I have been around I think is less stressful for the sow than being in a stall.”