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Nedap SowSense: Walt Laut – Jayce Mountain Pork

Electronic Sow Feeding
Nedap SowSense
Weight Monitoring
Automated Sow Heat Detection
Automatic Sow Separation

When the Lauts decided to build a group barn with large gestation pens and automated sow feeders, they chose Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders with Nedap Sow Separation and Nedap Heat Detection. The Lauts wanted group sow housing with ESF because they think it can help put the next generation in position for success in the family business. They chose Nedap Livestock Management technology because they liked the simplicity of the Nedap system, the ease of use of the swine management software and Nedap’s commitment to technical support. At Jayce Mountain Pork, sows are housed in large groups of about 300. The Nedap Electronic Sow feeders and the large gestation pens are designed to minimize sow aggression and prevent feed theft by aggressive sows. This design allows for individualized sow feeding and sow care within large groups and helps keep sows in optimal body condition.

Jayce Mountain Pork
Walter Laut, co-owner
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"We chose Nedap because we like the simplicity of the Nedap ESF system."