Whitepaper: Weight Monitoring

How automated weight monitoring pays off

“Guess the weight”: a game often played at trade fairs and markets. How often have you hit the nail on the head and guessed the correct weight? In practice, when it comes to assessing the weight of sows, a visual assessment can be wrong 50% of the time, with major consequences for the technical and financial results of your farm. So, stop guessing and let the technology do the work. This is what you get out of it.

  • Four ways in which automated weight monitoring pays off
  • What is the impact on feed efficiency and costs?
  • How do you save time and labour?
  • What does weight monitoring mean for your breeding gilts?
  • How do you wean more and heavier piglets?

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    Ben Gussinklo
    Sales & Account Manager

    Nedap technology in action

    See how Nedap solutions have benefited farms across Canada:

    Bryden Hope
    Read Bryden's story
    “The Nedap system is definitely user-friendly, the sows are comfortable in the system and it is very efficient."
    John van Engelen
    Farm owner
    Read John's story
    “Technology is only as good as you can use it.”
    Dave Denys
    "Now we know exactly how much each sow is eating.”