Whitepaper: Automatic Feeding

Four main reasons for using automatic feeding in the farrowing pen

Keeping sows is a top-level sport. Day after day, you wear yourself out trying to optimise the performance of your sows. Given the small margins in pig farming, it is vital to work accurately and efficiently. The first step is to record exactly what you feed, because this can mean a difference of over $36,000 per year on a farm with 1,000 sows. Here are the four main reasons for using automatic feeding in the farrowing pen.

  • How can you stimulate feed intake in the farrowing pen?
  • What do sow condition and litter size have in common?
  • How to wean heavier piglets
  • How much can you expect to save on feed costs with automatic feeding?

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    Ben Gussinklo
    Sales & Account Manager

    Nedap technology in action

    See how Nedap solutions have benefited farms across Canada:

    Bryden Hope
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    “The Nedap system is definitely user-friendly, the sows are comfortable in the system and it is very efficient."
    John van Engelen
    Farm owner
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    “Technology is only as good as you can use it.”
    Dave Denys
    "Now we know exactly how much each sow is eating.”