Peak performing sows with Nedap SowSense

Put the power of precision farming on your side. Improve your bottom line with the Nedap SowSense solutions to maximize sow herd performance and save time, labor and costs.

Our advanced Nedap SowSense solutions work around the clock to identify each sow, track her feed consumption and weight, monitor her heat behavior and transition her to farrowing. Nedap SowSense connects you to your sows. You can be sure each sow is cared for according to your strategy. The easy to use system operates and checks results 24/7. You will get detailed notifications when a sow needs extra attention and individual information allowing you to improve your strategies for your entire herd.

Whitepaper: Maintaining Sow Body Condition

Five solutions for keeping your sows in top condition

In this whitepaper, we explain the negative impact of sows that are too lean or too fat, and offer you five solutions and practical tips for maintaining a top condition.

  • What are the disadvantages and costs of sows that are too lean?
  • Why a sow that is too fat costs you double
  • Solution to the problem: how to maintain a top condition
  • Practical tips

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Whitepaper: Automatic feeding

Four main reasons for using automatic feeding in the farrowing pen

If you manage to increase sow feed intake during lactation, the sow will better maintain her condition, produce more milk and wean heavier piglets. And automating the process is profitable.

  • How can you stimulate feed intake in the farrowing pen?
  • What do sow condition and litter size have in common?
  • How to wean heavier piglets
  • How much can you expect to save on feed costs with automatic feeding?

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Whitepaper: Sow Weight Monitoring

How automated weight monitoring pays off

When it comes to assessing the weight of sows, a visual assessment can be wrong 50% of the time, with major consequences for the technical and financial results of your farm. So, stop guessing and let the technology do the work.

  • Four ways in which automated weight monitoring pays off
  • What is the impact on feed efficiency and costs?
  • How do you save time and labour?
  • What does weight monitoring mean for your breeding gilts?
  • How do you wean more and heavier piglets?

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