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Cow Locating: Darin Strauss

Cow Locating
Heat Detection
Health Monitoring
Nedap CowControl

Majestic Crossing Dairy took precision dairy farming to the next level when they installed 13 Lely robots. The dairy cow activity monitoring system required by the robotic milking system is powered by Nedap and offers a cow locating feature. Majestic Crossing uses cow locating to help find cows for vet checks, pregnancy checks, ultrasounds, and other herd health checks. The cow locating feature alone has helped this farm reduce pregnancy and ultrasound check time by half. The whole system helps keep the dairy farm running more efficiently and helps their team feel more empowered in their management decisions. In addition to locating, the cow monitoring technology provides heat and fertility insights, rumination data, and physical activity information technology matched by none.

Darin Strauss
Farm owner
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“Cow locating is all about being efficient with your labor force.”