Dear customer,

Nedap Livestock Management Pigs decided to stop offering Optional software via subscriptions, of our current portfolio, referring to the price list dated July 1st, 2022. The Optional software items can now be ordered separately, current licenses can be expanded by these Optional software items of your preference. Licenses ordered with (standard) subscriptions registered and activated before the 1st of July do not need to add these optional software items, items remain active in these current licenses.

It could happen one or more Optional software items are missing during the startup of an installation, please contact your Nedap supplier so they can help you to expand your license. Optional software items, which were included in the obsolete declared standard subscription:

Article number
Software Option remote access
Software Option e-mail notification
Software Option online back-up
Software Option handheld actions
Software Option basic data to cloud

Remote access
Checking and operating the Nedap system remotely within a safe HTTPS environment. Assuring an encrypted connection, guarded against hacking. Whether it is a browser on your phone, tablet, or laptop, protected by a personal password you can approach the system remotely. Different roles can be appointed to specific log-ins, allowing viewing or full control.

E-mail notification
Alerts and attentions are mended to notify those who are responsible for taking action or need to be informed. With scheduled targeted notifications those alerts are transformed into e-mails. The e-mails are sent according to a user-definable schedule, specifying time slot and e-mail address(es).

Online back-up
With automated online backup, both system settings and animal data within the Nedap operating system are secured in an online backup according to a preset schedule. Loss of data or being forced into a renewed setup of the system after module replacement is thus prevented. We store the last seven successful backup files.

Handheld device actions
This item will activate the handheld menu in Velos where you can select the specific composing actions like ‘edit location’ or ‘insemination date’.

Basic data to cloud
Basic Animal, Calendar, Group, Installation, and Location data will be sent to the cloud. The Basic Connection API Endpoint can be used to access or update the basic data. The basic data to cloud option is required to connect to e.g. a Sow Software Management system.

Please contact your Nedap partner to arrange changes in your license or if you need more information.

Kind Regards,
Your Nedap team