Easy Access feed station

Stay in control. Increase performance.

Saving labour and increasing results? The Easy Access Electronic Sow Feeding, powered by Nedap, is the solution that will make your farm futureproof.

For new and retrofit farms
The Easy Access ESF’s flexibility means it can easily be installed in both existing and new barns and in the lay-out of your preference to suit the group size and way of working on your farm. Sows and gilts adapt to the feed station quickly.

Easy to use
By fully automating feeding, you save costly labour on your farm. The feed station runs itself and the easy-to-use software presents data and insights on the feed consumption of your sows in an accessible way. Because you do not need to make management changes or change the lay-out on your barn, the station saves you time from the moment of installation.

Powered by proven Nedap technology
The Easy Access ESF runs on Nedap electronics and software. Nedap has been the specialist in technology for precision feeding, weighing and sorting of individual pigs in small and large groups for decades and is known for its advanced, user-friendly and reliable technology.

The benefits of individual sow feeding with Easy Access ESF

  • Easy to use
  • Two feed types
  • Water dosing
  • No feed wastage
  • Easy to install in new and retrofit barns
  • Connected to most management software systems
  • Powered by proven Nedap technology

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