Maximize sow productivity

Feed lactating sows strategically

With Nedap Farrowing Feeding, you can adjust each sow’s feed ration based on her condition, the number of piglets in each litter and her lactation stage. This precision brings economic value to your bottom line.

We developed our automatic farrowing feeding system so you can set up feeding strategies to optimize intake, helping sows stay in good condition throughout the lactation period and produce robust piglets.

The farrowing feeding unit can be installed in farrowing pens, attached to any feeder with a doser. With the Nedap computerized program, facility managers can enter individual feeding strategies to optimize intake. The system dispenses feed allotments in small increments throughout the day. Multiple servings can help improve feed intake, maintain condition and support milk production.

Precision in breeding stalls

The compact feeder used in Nedap Farrowing Feeding also can be used in the breeding stall. Precise rations in the breeding stalls support sows in their recovery after lactation. This supports fewer returns and more piglets per litter.

Benefits of farrowing feeding

  • Adjustable dosing speed
  • Feeding in accordance with the sow’s needs
  • Heavier piglets at weaning
  • Better sow condition for faster rebreeding
  • Ability to feed automatically or manually at any time
  • Accurate dispensing of feed at multiple feeding times per day, as often as 24 times


Read what our customers are saying about Nedap Farrowing Feeding

Farm Ramon
Aleix Ramon, Co-owner, Farm Ramon
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"Nedap is providing advanced technology with options to provide detailed individual feeding strategies."

About the farm

  • 1,000 sows
  • Multi-generational family farm
  • One of first farms in Spain to use Nedap ESF
Flemming Bang
Flemming Bang, Owner, Farm Lindemaerke
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"I could see a difference right away. The piglets are heavier when they are weaned.”

About the farm

  • 350 Danish Landrace sows
  • 4.000 gilts delivered yearly
  • Also 370 acres of arable land

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