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Nedap CowControl

Knowing everything about every cow

Nedap CowControl  is the all-in-one dairy herd monitoring and management system. It helps to maximize herd performance and farm efficiency by boosting reproduction results, cow health, labor efficiency and farm management.

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Nedap FarmControl

Connecting every cow

Manage the entire herd as efficiently as possible while being able to pay attention to individual cows that actually need it. Nedap’s identification solutions are the starting point for dairy farmers to further optimize processes on the farm.

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Nedap MilkingControl

Making every stall count

Nedap MilkingControl adds intelligence and automation to your milking parlor. Its freeflow design also ensures cow comfort, udder health and milk quality.

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Nedap Now

More insights. Better decisions. Improved results.

Nedap Now combines the accuracy and reliability of Nedap CowControl with the processing power and scaleability of cloud computing, unlocking new possibilities in cow and herd management.

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Augmented Reality

Bringing herd insights to life in the barn

What if everything you need to know about each cow was shown right above them as you walk through the barn? This may seem like a vision of the future, but it’s already here today.

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