EuroTier 2016:

Nedap presents COWControl®

The name – Nedap COWControl – promises what it provides – complete cow control, 24/7. A single system tracks the exact position, heat status and health condition of all cows on the farm and provides ISO identification for management purposes. Nedap offers the most complete all-in-one solution with Nedap COWControl.

More about Nedap COWControl
Nedap COWcontrol - Nedap Smarttag Neck


New features

For decades, dairy farmers and other users all over the world have been extremely satisfied with Nedap’s reliable and durable technology. “Nedap continues to add innovations to both software and hardware. At EuroTier 2016, we will be introducing new features of our already-proven technology. We are excited to present our successful cow positioning, advanced health and fertility monitoring, a brand-new user interface and cloud support services.”, says Bertino Verstege, General Manager of Nedap Livestock Management.

The benefits

Nedap COWControl helps farmers reach the highest possible performance for their entire herd and every individual cow within it. In addition, it also provides numerous other overall business benefits to a dairy, including:

  • Finding cows quickly
  • Better fertility results
  • Improved health
  • More efficient management
  • Increased profit

The best

Operational, tactical and strategic decisions

To achieve these benefits, Nedap COWControl monitors cow behavior parameters: cow position, clear signs of heat with displays of optimal insemination moment, eating activity, rumination, standing, lying, number of stand ups, and walking time also is available with ISO identification. This data is recorded by the Nedap Smarttags, sent to the process controller, and uploaded to the cloud. With a simple and clear user interface compatible with smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, farmers can control the status of their farm anytime, and anywhere – providing accurate and reliable data to help make the best operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

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Meat Nedap at EuroTier 2016

Nedap welcomes producers and industry leaders to visit the Nedap booth during EuroTier 2016 in order to learn more about how Nedap COWControl and their other technology solutions can work for today and tomorrow’s dairy farmer.

15 to 18 November Hanover, Germany
Hall 13
booth B46

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