Qu’y a-t-il de nouveau ?

The 2016.2 release contais several features that make you work with Velos easier and faster. This second software release of 2016 includes – amongst others – the following topics:

  • Fully responsive Velos interface
  • Smart tables
  • Smarttag Neck (I)FERP: new health parameters and advanced Group Monitoring
Nedap interface responsive

Convivialité encore améliorée pour l’utilisateur

Interface Velos pleinement dynamique

The Velos interface (website) is now fully responsive. Velos adjusts all screens to the used device (PC, tablet, smartphone) automatically. This means all functionality is available on all devices. The mobile interface of Velos is no longer used. Since the software is responsive, this is no longer necessary.


Tableaux intelligents

Depuis la version 2016.2, les tableaux peuvent être triés. Lorsque vous cliquez sur l’icône, les données du tableau sont classées par ordre croissant ou décroissant. En outre, lorsque vous consultez un tableau, les données concernant un animal peuvent être ouvertes directement. Cliquez sur l’icône représentant une flèche bleue pour voir les données concernant un animal donné, qui glisse directement dans le même écran.

Nedap COWcontrol

Mise à jour

Smarttag cou (I)FER : nouveaux paramètres santé et Surveillance de groupe avancée

The Smarttag Neck has been expanded with a number of unique and valuable features. Within Health Management, unique parameters have been added. Group Monitoring has been expanded with various insights.

Rumination, Inactive and other active

The new measurements rumination, time inactive and time being active provide additional data for the health and management module of Velos. The whole 24 hour time budget of the dairy cow is measured, leading to more insight and large improvements in the health attention algorithms.

Nedap Time budget cow

Advanced group day totals

On group level these measurements give the farmer more insight in the feed/feeding management on the farm. The herdresponse on ration changes can be seen when checking the eating and rumination times. This gives the farmer a real hands on tool to work with and steer towards an optimal ration.

Nedap Group Monitoring day totals

Group Eating Pattern

The new 48 hour graph shows the farmer how many cows ate at which particular time of the day. Farmer/personnel actions and their effect on the entire herd are visible, giving the farmer the opportunity to optimize his feed management.

Nedap Group Eating Pattern

Aperçu des

Connexions VPU et de l’interface du logiciel de gestion 2016.2

Download an overview of the latest issues released in the 2016.2 version

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