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Nedap Livestock Management: from the establishment in 1929 until now.


N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek “Nedap” is established

In 1929 Nedap is established. Located in the former medical Dutch Cocaine Factory in Amsterdam. Nedap manufactures a wide variety of products at the request of various parties.


Developing, producing and marketing Nedap branded products

From the forties, Nedap starts developing, producing and selling its own devices for various applications under the Nedap brand.


Opening of a brand new factory in Groenlo

This proves to be a great success. In 1947 Nedap moves to Groenlo – also in The Netherlands – and opens a brand new factory.


Nedap gets exchange-listed

At the same time Nedap gets exchange-listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.


Specialization in electronics

The next decades, Nedap quickly becomes one of the global specialists in the development of electronics. A shift is made from electromechanics to electronics.


Pioneering in RFID technology

Nedap starts developing RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology as one of the global pioneers in the early 70’s.


First to apply RFID on cows

Nedap is the first company in the world that applies RFID on cows with the Nedap Responder.  It makes electronic individual cow identification possible. The very first step in automating farming processes based on electronic animal identification.


Cattlecode Cow Management System and the Electronic Concentrate Feeding Station

Cattlecode is the first generation in a range of Nedap Cow Management Systems. It controls the newly introduced Electronic Concentrate Feeding Station. From now on it is possible to feed cows individually according to their needs.



Cattlecode 2 and Milking parlor automation

Cattlecode 2 is the second generation in Cow Management Systems. With the introduction of Cattlecode 2, Milking parlor identification,  Controlling and Milk measurement are added to Nedap’s portfolio to further automate farming processes. The system becomes the heart of many dairy farms.


Started with RFID on sows and Porcode

Nedap introduces RFID on sows by a neck responder. At the same time the first Porcode Pig Management System gets introduced. It is the first step towards automation in pig husbandry based on electronic animal identification.


First Electronic Sow Feeding station

The next innovation in pig husbandry technology is there: the introduction of the first Electronic Sow Feeding station with RFID technology. Sows housed in groups can now be fed individually.


Cattlecode 3 and the Perfect computer

With the introduction of the Perfect computer, the third Cattlecode generation is launched. It means the start of a new era for dairy management computers, especially on large dairies. One system can manage up to 2000 animals.


Introduction of the Popular computer

The Popular is a first-of-a-kind dairy management computer that combines all management functionalities in one single device. In terms of user-friendliness, it means a revolution on small en mid-sized dairies. Quickly after its introduction, it is used worldwide.


The X-ponder, Walk-through identification and Separation & Routing

The next innovations are brought to market in 1987. The X-ponder is the further advanced identification tag. Walk-through identification brings new identification opportunities. Separation & Routing technology makes automatic separation of cows possible.


Walk-through ESF station with automatic Separation Unit

The walk-through Electronic Sow Feeding Station with automatic Separation Unit is introduced. It is an important step in a whole new group sow housing concept that will change the future of sow farming.



CattleCode Popular + voer-lactactiecurve en gehele melkstal automatisering


From sow collar to ear tag

Sow RFID switcht from neck X-ponder to ear tags.



The introduction of the Neck and Leg Respactor for cow identification and activity monitoring.


Introduction of the Heat Detector for sows

Nedap introduces the Heat Detector as an addition to the Electronic Sow Feeding stations.


Next generation X-ACT and X-PERT platform with activity measurement

Next generation X-ACT and X-PERT platform. PC, procescomputer, randapparatuur (koeherkenning, voeren , melkstalautomatisering)


Introduction of the Central Separation Unit for sows

The Central Separation Unit is introduced as another addition to Electronic Sow Feeding in gestation.


Popular Excellent Computer

The Popular Excellent Computer made cattle management a lot easier.


Nedap Lactivator (2-hours)

The Nedap Lactivator is introduced.


ID check on Central Separation Unit

The ID check is added to the Central Separation Unit for sows.


Introduction of Nedap Velos Platform

The Nedap Velos platform provides an automation revolution in the livestock industry.