Brian Mooney

Dairy farmer


Kill, County Waterford, Ireland

About the farm

  • 220 dairy cows
  • Spring calving based
  • Grazing
  • 100 hectares of land

Nedap solutions

Nedap CowControl
Sorting and Routing
Heat Detection
Health Monitoring


Saving labor
More cows with the same amount of labor
Accurate heat detection
In the future 100% AI to get rid of the stock bulls
Health monitoring
Helping the vet to make more aimed decisions
After milking the cows with attentions or in heat are drafted automatically, without interference

Nedap CowControl gave Brian the extra hand he needed

Being able to handle more dairy cows with the same amount of labor. That was the main objective to purchase Nedap CowControl for dairy farmer Brian Mooney in Kill, County Waterford, Ireland. Here, he runs a spring calving based dairy farm with 220 cows with 250 acres of land. The main reason to invest in monitoring systems was that, since the quotas have been abolished, herd sizes have increased maybe 2 or 3 times as much and he felt like he needed an extra hand.

He felt that Nedap CowControl was the best health monitoring and heat detection system which can be integrated with the drafting system later on down the road. It automatically drafts the cows in heat or the sick cows.

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Health monitoring

"The system contacts me if something is off form"

In the morning and afternoon, just before the milking starts, Brian checks his phone on cows in heat for insemination. Brian gets a notification on his mobile phone if a cow has a serious health problem. “Last night, I got a notification at 9 o’clock in the night that a cow was off form. So I went out and checked her and yes she was off form. I brought her in and treated her for grass tetany. Now I don’t know if she ever had grass tetany or not but this morning she is a 100% going around again and maybe otherwise I could have a cow down in the field this morning or maybe a dead cow or whatever. So, that was good, a good sign of the machine you know” he tells.

“Another advantage of the system”, he says, “is that I am able to show the vet what the cow was ruminating or eating the last 24 hours and everything. So the information for that was even helping the vet to make a decision on an animal as well.”

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"I would like to move to AI for 100%"

From tailpainting to automatic heat detection

In the past, Brian used tailpaint for heat detection. However, tailpainting was nearly impossible, because he had to go out to the fields and just watch cows. “The cows will pile around you and you expect the cows to move” he said. That was a very hard job without a monitoring system. Now, he uses his phone to look which cows are in heat. “It is very accurate, you can see cows turn up 21 days or whatever after the last time. It’s good, it’s very good” Brian tells enthusiastically.

In the future, Brian would like to move to AI for 100%. He would like to get rid of the stock bulls, because they are dangerous and you need quite a lot of them to inseminate all cows. Another advantage of moving to AI is that he would be able to get a tighter calving pattern.


In conclusion, Brian tells that most people are buying the system for heat detection. “It does what it says on the tin, but the monitoring of health is a 100%. It’s picking out everything. It’s just like having another person watching your cows. You’re watching them yourself, but herds are so big nowadays. You’re going to miss things, you’re just not going to see everything so you just need an extra hand. It’s not how it changes it, it’s how it keeps things the same. The farm has changed and the farm has gotten bigger. You want to be able to stay the same, not get busier, not get more labor units. That my experience.” He ends.

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