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The benefits of Nedap CowControl

Nedap CowControl™  is the all-in-one dairy herd monitoring and management system. It helps to maximize herd performance and farm efficiency by boosting reproduction results, cow health, labor efficiency and farm management. You know these are the keys to improve production and profitability. How do you want to take control?

Heat Detection

Fertility is critical to a farm’s success. Heat detection results that don’t meet your goals turn in to more time spent tracking, sorting and breeding cows, in addition to increased semen costs and lost time for you and your employees.

The worst-case scenario could be culling a cow due to reproductive problems. With herd sizes increasing daily and milk production on the rise, identifying cows in heat is more difficult and costly than ever. Especially in grazing situations.

Scott McKillop in Dederang, VIC reports a drastic improvement in submission rates, as well as first service conception rates. With a 400-cow herd, the cost savings quickly add up. “With this system you clearly get the optimal time to inseminate. So that just simplified the whole system significantly and really made a big difference to our time management and use of our labor on our farm.”

Health Monitoring

With farm scale increases on the rise, being able to monitor each animal is becoming increasingly more difficult. When herd managers and farm employees are stretched too thin, individual cow attention becomes more challenging. If you are not able to monitor your cows 24/7, you may be missing key critical cow health problems on your farm.

Nedap collars provide real-time insights on cow and herd health, enabling you to respond to a cow’s needs instantly. Brydee Skeen of Riverina Milk in Corowa, NSW: “We do pick up a lot of cows that have digestive issues, which we never would have been able to. Other things like pneumonia and ketosis, we‘re able to pick that up three days earlier than before we had Nedap CowControl.”

Labour Savings

Increased labor costs and availability are causing dairy farms to do more with fewer employees. This means there are less employees to identify areas of concern.

Additionally, finding the right employees for the work on your dairy farm is not easy nowadays. The ideal combination of qualified, motivated and at the same time affordable staff sometimes seems to be inoperable.

“It definitely does free up time,” says Sheriden Williams in Yannathan, VIC. “We don’t have to sit down the paddock and watch cows for 20-30 minutes and see who’s bulling these days. We can just do all that by the computer, which takes a couple of minutes. It allows us time with the kids or with the family.”

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“We're picking up illnesses like pneumonia, ketosis or digestive issues three days earlier than before.”
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