EUPiG Grand Prix 2018

Finishing pig company excells in meat quality and delivering at target weight

The newly constructed finisher pig house of the Bosgoed family in The Netherlands has been awarded with an EUPiG Grand Prix. The farm, equipped with eight Nedap PorkTuners, is one of eight European Grand Prix winners and act as exemplary farm for the European pig industry, each in their own area of excellence.

The EUPig Innovation group wants to encourage the exchange of knowledge amongst European pig producers. Each year, eight pig producers are chosen as ambassador, who excel in their management on a specific theme.

Bosgoed is chosen as ambassador of meat quality and the challenge of making it easier for pig producers to deliver at the correct target weight. In 2017 a new production facility was built, housing 3000 finisher pigs living in groups of 375. Using Nedap PorkTuner, Bosgoed feeds the pigs according to their weight, receives an accurate forecast for delivery at target weight, including the amount of animals at that exact target weight.

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