Michel Sourdioux, CEO


Azay-sur-Indre, France

About the farm

  • AXIOM is the largest boar testing center in Europe
  • Second largest breeding company in France
  • 136,000 reproducers supplied in 2014 (50% abroad)
  • Nearly 12 million pigs from AXIOM lines are slaughtered each year
  • Founded in 1989 by two cooperatives, UCAGENOF (Pas de Calais) and CADS, now part of the Cooperative Agrial (Calvados)
  • The AXIOM group has around 50 employees

Nedap solutions

Nedap ProSense

Michel Sourdioux:

"The health of our animals is extremely important"

As Europe’s largest boar testing center, AXIOM needs the best performance testing capabilities to evaluate and bring the best genetics to the swine industry. They require a system that could control the feed consumed by each animal, while monitoring each animal’s status during the finishing period.

“We tested various types of systems and chose the Nedap Pig Performance Testing (PPT) station because it is not only simple to use, but also very easy to clean. Both the health of the animal and the genetic aspect are extremely important to us,” says Michel Sourdioux, CEO of AXIOM.

Another reason AXIOM chose Nedap was the how quickly and easily the data is available to them. In addition, the data is generated by the system itself, rather than importing it from other systems. All the animals can be fed ad libitum, which was very important for AXIOM.

“After testing the Nedap system for three batches, we saw that the results were good,” says Michel.

Establishing an optimal boar line

Michel joined AXIOM in 2002 after working as a genetics professor. “As breeders, it is our primary objective to establish an optimal boar line. Nedap Pig Performance Testing provides us a solid foundation that has proven its value over many years,” says Michel. “AXIOM aims for classification of the optimal genetic lines in order to identify those animals that have the best pig feed conversion,” he explains.

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Pigs in front of the Nedap Pig Performance Testing station