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Megan Meyer, production supervisor, Paramount Farm


Missouri, U.S.A.

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  • Paramount Farm is Choice Genetics' primary boar multiplier.
  • 64 Nedap PPT feeders

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How Choice Genetics uses PPT to help their customers succeed

The biggest benefit Paramount Farm has experienced using the Nedap Pig Performance Testing (PPT) system is clear insight into the breeding lines that produce productive, fast-growing pigs. Why is this important to an operation such as Paramount? It allows them to help their customers be more efficient and profitable.

“The information we collect from the Nedap PPT system is formulated into our selection decisions to help us make the best choice once each pig is mature,” says Megan Meyer, production supervisor of Paramount Farm. “The Nedap PPT data helps us select for and improve the feed conversion of the animals we sell as breeding stock.”

Paramount Farm is the primary boar multiplier of Choice Genetics USA, a subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud, currently selling breeding stock of swine all over the world. Paramount Farm consists of three sites: a sow farm, a nursery and a finisher site. The boar production farm leads the industry by providing the most accurate phenotypes for genetic improvement. This is achieved through their technologically superior boar development and selection unit that uses the Nedap PPT system.

“The research technologies currently being used at Paramount are the Nedap PPT feeders and a CT machine,” says Meyer. “The function of the Nedap PPT system is to make a genetic comparison of the feed conversion ratios of our lines.”

Accurate and consistent

Since the April 2016 installation, Paramount relies on the Nedap PPT system to accurately and consistently measure and record pig performance indicators, including individual weights and feed intake of their boars. The Nedap PPT system provides the Paramount team with reliable information they can immediately review to gather insights. It also allows them to rank their boars based on daily performance.

“What we like most about the Nedap PPT system is its advanced technology. It is user-friendly, and we can access valuable information on the internet from anywhere,” says Meyer. “Most important, it has improved the accuracy of feeding.”

Paramount attributes improved accuracy to the design of the scales and feed bowls in the Nedap PPT system. This accuracy provides reliable data for continuous genetic optimization of their boars.

“Combining the accurate feed conversion from the Nedap PPT system with the muscle development data from the CT scanner helps us work toward our goal of developing a fast-growing animal that is lean,” says Meyer.

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