JK Dairies

Abdul Sattar Chaudhary, General Manager


Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

About the farm

  • 3.000 cows
  • 1.300 milking cows
  • Own milk processing factory

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Nedap CowControl™ provides control over reproduction results and herd health

In the inland of Pakistan lies the impressive dairy farm of JK Dairies. In addition to 3,000 cows and young stock, they run their own dairy factory in Rahim Yar Khan. Maximum, constant milk production and a high herd health status are of great importance to them. These pioneers in the Pakistani dairy industry have taken significant steps forward with Nedap’s technology.


Focus on improving production

General Manager Abdul Sattar Chaudhary is in tight control. “At the farm, we are currently milking 1,300 cows with a total production of 39 tons of milk per day,” he explains passionately. “We aim for an average milk production of more than 30 liters per day around the year.” In a country where long-life milk is the standard, JK Dairies’ milk goes straight from the parlor to their own milk factory, where they process it and market it as fresh, raw milk. “We focus on improving our production and genetics,” explains the manager. Two years ago they therefore started the implementation of Nedap CowControl™.

Increase in conception rate

Dr. Izhar Ali is the herd manager and veterinarian of JK Dairies and can clearly describe the differences before and after using Nedap CowControl™. “Before we had this system, we performed heat detection visually. With a herd of this size, that is an enormously labor-intensive system that requires accurate registration.” Automation of this process not only saves a lot of time and labor efficiency, the results are also skyrocketing. “Now we get an automatic heat notification on our smartphone and the system also indicates the optimal insemination moment per cow. As a result, the conception rate has risen sharply”, he notes with satisfaction.

Early health detection

In addition to heat detection, the dairy farmers also use the Nedap CowControl™ health module. “As a veterinarian, I can only treat sick animals if a cow shows clinical signs of disease,” Izhar explains. “This system however detects a change in eating, rumination or inactive behavior of the cow two to three days before the first clinical signs and then puts the cow on the attention list.” The period after calving in particular is a critical phase for metabolic diseases such as milk fever and ketosis. The herd manager immediately sees the added value of the technology: “Nedap CowControl™ helps us to detect the symptoms in time. This way we can intervene earlier and that saves us a lot of medical costs as well as animal losses.” The automated health detection also saves staff a lot of work in the summer when the cows suffer a lot from heat stress. Izhar explains this further: “In the past we had to go around the pens to pick up the sick cows. With Nedap CowControl™ I don’t have to visit the barn. Either in the office or outside, I can check the alerts from my smartphone.”

General manager Abdul also sees the advantage that this technology brings to the dairy farm. “It supports staff in identifying sick animals. Whether it is Mastitis, Metritis, lameness or a metabolic disease. With an attention from the system, they flawlessly pick out these cows. It has given us a lot of good confidence to have this data.”

Better business decisions

The third part for which JK Dairies uses the system is to monitor feed management. “Nedap CowControl™ records the behavior of the cows 24/7. This includes intake time, rumination and inactive time of the animals. We receive a notification in case of deviations from the normal pattern. But we also compare the graphs of the entire herd or specific groups. If we make changes to the feed management, the results will be reflected in the graphs. This is how we make better business decisions and improve the efficiency of our staff.”

Both Izhar and Abdul are convinced of the many advantages of the Nedap technology: “If you have a well-managed system you can multiply your herd within short period of time.”


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