Gondal Dairy

Muhammad Arif Gondal


Pindi Hasna, District Gujrat, Pakistan

About the farm

  • 100 cows
  • Family business

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More control over management makes dairy farming easier

Muhammad Arif Gondal is a true entrepreneur. He started his working life in the concrete industry, but soon followed his heart and his father in Pakistani dairy farming. In Pindi Hasna, Gujrat district, he now has a dairy farm with more than a hundred cows. With the help of the right technology, Muhammad is making significant strides forward in his business.

Optimal insemination moment

“I’ve always been a fan of technology,” says Muhammad about the moment he came into contact with Nedap’s monitoring system. “When my adviser from Cloudagri introduced Nedap CowControl to my company, I was immediately enthusiastic.” The dairy farmer is always looking for ways to improve the health of his herd and thinks it is an advantage if technology supports him in this. CowControl’s various modules in both reproduction and health monitoring and registration of eating, rumination and inactive behavior immediately appealed to him. “Before using this system, we missed the cows that showed heat behavior at night. Now I simply get a notification on my smartphone that a cow has been in heat since 02:00 AM. The system then also gives an indication of the best insemination moment. Obviously, that improves the pregnancy rate.”

Health notification before symptoms are visible

The health module boosts the overall health status of the dairy farm. “Previously, we only noticed sick animals when it was (almost) too late. Now, two to three days before the first visible symptoms, I get an alert about a possible health problem.” The system registers the eating and rumination behavior and inactivity of each individual cow. As soon as this deviates significantly from the normal pattern, Muhammad will be notified to check the cow. “Insight into such patterns also says something about the feed efficiency of a group or of the entire herd,” explains the entrepreneur. “If the cows normally eat for five to six hours a day and today only four hours, the information available from the system will help to explain this difference”

Proactive management

“Thanks to accurate insight into feeding times and the way the staff feed the cows, CowControl has also helped us improve labor management,” Muhammad notes with satisfaction. “Where I used to have to visit or call my herd manager in case of an acute problem, I now receive timely notifications on my smartphone when, for example, I am at the office or traveling. This enables me to proactively contact the herd manager to address the problem in a timely manner. ”

This makes farming much easier

When asked what CowControl has brought him, Muhammad responds resolutely: “It is better to keep ninety-five cows than a hundred and make sure that those ninety-five cows will last at least ten years”, he is firmly convinced. “I recommend both existing dairy farms and newcomers to install Nedap CowControl. This makes dairy farming much easier and allows us to manage our farm in the best way possible.”


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