Genetica Meidam

Eric Hindson, director


Barcelona, Spain

About the farm

  • Four farms in Spain and the United Kingdom
  • Total of about 10,000 sows

Nedap solutions

Nedap ProSense


Individual care
RFID technology allows for individual care within the group
Optimal insight
Reliable data illustrates performance differences between lines.
Educated decisions
Can anticipate performance and respond with feed adjustments

Optimizing pig performance and labor

The best pigs combined with high-quality after-sales service

As breeders, ACMC Roitegui’s primary objective is to establish an optimal boar line. As a breeding specialist, ACMC looks to Nedap Pig Performance Testing to deliver optimal insight into its genetics.

“Our goal is to identify those pigs that are the most efficient users of feed and classify those genetic lines,” says Eric Hindson, a 55-year veteran of pig farming.

The pig performance testing system automatically collects and stores daily weights and feed intake of each pig. This allows barn managers to identify the best-performing animals and makes it possible to select for the most important production traits. Information is immediately available for review, and the system has a unique feature allowing users to rank groups based on daily performance.

In short: ACMC obtains fast and clear insight regarding boar-sow combinations that lead to the most feed-efficient pigs. It’s no small task. ACMC owns four farms in Spain and the United Kingdom, with a total of 10,000 sows. The Nedap PPT data collection is highly accurate. The system is user-friendly, safely stores information, continuously monitors the specific weight of the feed and automatically stops when there is no feed.

After-sales service

Despite the benefits of Nedap’s Pig Performance Testing, excellent after sales service was the ultimate deciding factor for Hindson and the management team at ACMC. “Nedap is a perfect partner. They are highly committed to providing support and service,” says Hindson.

Make your farm future proof

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