Aleš Pokorný

Executive head


Horní Dubňany, Czech Republic

About the farm

  • 140 Charolais cows
  • 80 two-year-old heifers

Nedap solutions

Nedap CowControl
Heat Detection
Health Monitoring

Ovalert from farmers’ view

Useful system not only for dairy herds

Unification of calving to shortest period possible and improvement of pregnancy results were the main goals of Aleš Pokorný, when he decided to use Ovalert on the farm in Rešice, which is one of the top charolais farms in the Czech Republic. Today, after less than a year, he is more than satisfied with the results and the benefits of the system.

Heat detection and pregnancy improvement

“Every year we start to inseminate at the beginning of February and this year at that time we decided to try Ovalert. It´s important for us that the cows calve at the shortest period possible and can go to the pasture in spring together with a calf,” Mr. Pokorný starts his story.

“We tried the system on 90 cows, out of which 62 were in heat in the decisive period. After insemination based on Ovalert recommendation 50 cows got pregnant, which is amazing 80%!”

“At the time we were monitoring the heat only visually we missed some heats, especially the silent ones, or we did the insemination at the wrong time. These things extended the period of inseminations and did not correspond with our plans – we want the cows to calve in controlled way in the barn with the assistance of the herd manager to prevent possible complications and to create the best conditions possible for beef herd performance.”

Extension to the heifers

After great results with the cows the system in Rešice will be extended also to the heifers. “Thanks to Ovalert we have much more successful inseminations then in the past and therefore we decided to start using system also with heifers. To have the best pedigrees in our herd we use top French genetics for our heifers which is very expensive, so it´s very important to have the animals pregnant just after first insemination. Even our AI technician who was skeptical at the beginning is now excited and admits that Ovalert doesn’t make mistakes.”

Cow with Nedap Smarttag Neck

All year-round helper in the barn as well as on the pastures

Besides heat detection and right insemination timing when the cows are in the barn during the winter, Mr. Pokorný praises health monitoring during the period of having the animals outside. “We have an outdoor antenna on the water reservoir with the range of 800m which covers approx. 90 % of our pasture area in Rešice which is around the farm. Next year we will install antennas also to the other two pasture areas in Horní Dubňany. Thanks to that we will monitor activity and eating also when the animals are at the pasture and it will be therefore easier for us to keep track of them and detect possible health problems at their beginning. In case of any deviation from the normal Ovalert will immediately alert that something is happening and we can start to solve the problem in time.”

Support and reliable partner

“When we were looking for a system for heat detection and health monitoring our decision for CRV was supported by the fact that the company has long-term cooperation with Jihočeský chovatel, which has bull rearing station on our farm in Horní Dubňany. When I see the excellent results and know that I always have technical and professional support from CRV employees I can only say that the decision of choosing Ovalert was a step in the right direction,” adds Mr. Pokorný with satisfied smile at the pasture area in Rešice.

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