For years, Nedap has been working with pig producers around the globe to implement automated individual management within group housing concepts.

With Nedap Sense solutions, you have access to more data from existing automation, gaining new parameters and insights. Moreover, this enables you to grow further with increasing scale and multi-site operations without the limitations of existing hardware.

An added value within Nedap Sense solutions are Nedap Sense services. They enable some of the major advantages of a connected system, mobile access and e-mail notification. Additionally, an automatic online back-up service is activated, assuring a regular backup of the settings and data of your Nedap system.

All Nedap Sense solutions comes with these Sense services:

  • System registration and activation

    Every installation with a Nedap operating system is purchased with a license for functionality and herd size. With registration, the license is linked to the local operating system and the software functionality is activated.

  • Guaranteed up-to-date software

    Nedap has regular updates on her existing software products, optimizing functionality and adapting to overall developments i.e. browser and security issues.

  • Automated online backup

    With automated online backup, both system settings and animal data within the Nedap operating system is secured in an online back-up according a preset schedule. Loss of data or being forced into a renewed set-up of the system after module replacement is thus prevented.

  • Secured remote access

    Checking and operating the Nedap system remotely within a safe HTTPS environment. Assuring an encrypted connection, guarded from hacking. Whether it is a browser on your phone, tablet or laptop, protected by a personal password you can approach the system remotely. Different roles can be appointed to specific log-in’s, allowing viewing or full control.

  • Empowering online support

    A reliable and safe access to the Nedap system by your service and support company can prevent time- consuming  and costly service visits. When needed, you can allow access to your appointed service partner. A transparent user management center provides continuous control over who can access.

  • Targeted scheduled notifications

    Alerts and attentions are mend to notify those who are responsible for taking action or need to be informed. With scheduled targeted notification those alerts are transformed into e-mails. The e-mails are send according a user-definable schedule, specifying time slot and e-mail address(es).

The Nedap technology that provides pigs with an accurate amount of feed and guides them to the right location can be a monitoring tool at the same time. An example of a Nedap Sense service within Nedap SowSense is Nedap Weight Monitoring. It helps you to maximize ROI with automated sow weight monitoring and data recording of individual sows in group gestation housing. This Sense service is a tool to support sow production through precise sow body condition management.

A Sense service for Nedap PorkSense is Feeding Advice. With this Sense service you can execute a strategic dietary plan based on actual weight development. This ensures your pigs’ nutritional requirements are met throughout their growth cycle.