Improve safety and accuracy

Nedap Heat Detection

You can improve efficiency and safety of heat detection in your group gestation pens with automated heat detection, an excellent complement to electronic sow feeding (ESF).

The standalone enclosed boar station uses RFID technology to find sows in heat automatically within group gestation pens. Nedap Heat Detection combines unsurpassed accuracy and efficiency to improve your return on investment and overall safety for people and pigs.

The benefits of automated heat detection

  • Identifies open sows with 99% accuracy
  • Supports improved ROI because sows spend fewer days open
  • Finds open sows early - before they show signs of standing heat
  • Eliminates inconsistency of employees identifying signs of heat differently
  • Best when used with Nedap ESF, but compatible with many feeding systems
  • Minimizes chance of open sows staying in the gestation group

Safety for sows, boars and people

Walking a boar can be risky for people and pigs in group housing situations. Nedap automated heat detection eliminates the safety risk for people and pigs because the boar is kept in an enclosed pen. The technology records how often and for how long a sow engages with a boar to identify when the interactions reach a threshold of heat behavior. This threshold is referred to as the sow’s heat reference value (HRV).

Nedap strategically designs group gestation pens so all sows pass the boar pen on a consistent basis. The boar’s only way to interact with sows is nose-to-nose through a small opening.

When the sow’s HRV indicates she is open, the system paint-marks her for easy visual identification and alerts the barn manager with an electronic message. If your facility uses Nedap ESF with Central Separation, the system automatically separates the sow from the group the next time she comes through a feeder.

Fast and accurate

Nedap understands the importance of labor efficiency to make the most of your investments. The automated heat detection eliminates the task of walking the boar, leaving the employee available for other tasks.

Designed for success

A key to successful automated heat detection is the right gestation pen design. Nedap pens are designed to minimize aggression with ample room for movement between eating and resting areas. Another key to success is the functionality of the heat detection system. When combined with our sow  separation  system, Nedap Heat Detection can flag a sow with paint, automatically separate her from the group, or send an alert that she’s coming in to heat.

See Nedap Heat Detection in action

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Jerry Epperson, Owner
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"I think the producers need to get into an ESF building and see the animals up close. They will be impressed."

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