Whitepaper: Maintaining Sow Body Condition

Five solutions for keeping your sows in top condition

Too lean or too fat. Research shows that 33% to 50% of sows are not in optimal condition. This has a negative impact not only on the sow’s welfare, lifespan and reproductive performance but also on your wallet. A farm with 1.000 sows can easily face financial losses of as much as $27.000. In this whitepaper, we explain the negative impact of sows that are too lean or too fat, and offer you five solutions and practical tips for maintaining a top condition.

  • What are the disadvantages and costs of sows that are too lean?
  • Why a sow that is too fat costs you double
  • Solution to the problem: how to maintain a top condition
  • Practical tips

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    Holly Hutchinson
    Swine Sales Executive

    Nedap technology in action

    See how Nedap solutions have benefited farms across the USA:

    Jared Schilling
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    "When the babies leave the farrowing house, they have a lot of weight on them"
    Jayce Mountain Pork
    Walter Laut, co-owner
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    "We chose Nedap because we like the simplicity of the Nedap ESF system."
    Thomas Livestock Company
    Tim Friedel, sow production manager
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    “This is the first group sow management system I have been around I think is less stressful for the sow than being in a stall.”
    Chet Mogler
    Farm manager
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    “The Nedap system works very well for us, and I am happy with the decision we made”
    Cody Thompson
    Production Manager gestation at Walnut Grove
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    "With Nedap we're able to optimize results"
    Choice Genetics
    Megan Meyer, production supervisor, Paramount Farm
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    "The Nedap PPT data helps us select for and improve the feed conversion of the animals we sell."
    Mel Gerber
    Mel Gerber - farm owner
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    “The Nedap sow management system is helping me stay in business and be competitive even with my small operation.”