Designed with the sow's needs first

Be precise: Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders for group sow housing

Research has shown group sow housing supports mobility and productivity and helps minimize lameness and mortality. Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding (Nedap ESF) can help you make the most of these potential benefits. Nedap’s technology ensures each sow gets the feed and care she needs while enjoying the social benefits of being in a group.

What does this mean for you? Many tools to support efficiency and profitability on your farm.

Sow management precision

Nedap electronic sow feeders can help you minimize feed waste and optimize whole-herd feed conversion. How? With accurate data at your fingertips, you can make feeding adjustments to help each sow maintain body condition. Nedap ESF also eliminates the possibility of feed theft by aggressive sows and allows you to feed each sow to her needs.

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding is designed for success

We designed our equipment for the long haul. We’ve developed our technology and designed our pens to make optimal use of space. Our feeding system can be worked into any size operation, including new or remodeled buildings.

Nedap group gestation pens are designed to support sow comfort and performance. They are ideal for large, dynamic groups and designed to minimize sow aggression by managing the flow of sows to and from the feeders. Nedap’s pen design also gives sows new to the group the space they need to adjust without interruption from other sows. Our group sow housing experts can show you how it’s easier to introduce new sows into large groups than small groups.

We work where you are

Nedap will work as hard in your barn as you do

Are you comparing individual gestation stalls versus group sow housing? Are you thinking about remodeling your current barn or building a new one?

No matter where you are in the decision process, and no matter how you choose to care for your sows, the Nedap Livestock Management team can answer your questions so you find the right fit.

If you choose group housing, rest assured you can use our expertise and complete sow management system to care for each sow as an individual.

The benefits of individual sow feeding with Nedap Livestock Management

  • Forward-exit feeders prevent conflict between fed and unfed sows
  • Sows cannot be disrupted or rushed while feeding
  • Easy-to-use system lets you adjust feed rations to maintain sow condition
  • Barn is quieter and, and air movement is improved

Nedap technology in action

How would precise, individual sow feeding change things on your farm?

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