Reason for recognition:

New Standard supports ESF as a tool for successful management of sows in groups

Nedap Livestock Management has recognized New Standard Group as a successful dealer of Nedap equipment and technology and a leading supporter of group sow housing with electronic sow feeding (ESF) in North America.

“New Standard Group is an experienced supplier that has gained the trust of many North American pork producers through their industry leadership,” says Brad Carson, swine equipment sales manager with Nedap U.S. “They have been a respected Nedap partner for decades, and we are proud to work with them.”

With locations in Manitoba and Alberta, Canada and South Dakota, U.S., New Standard Group has been working closely with Nedap to create awareness of electronic sow feeding (ESF) systems in North America. For more than a decade, they have supported the use of ESF as a tool for successfully managing sows in large groups.

New Standard Group helps producers understand that ESF systems are more than standalone pieces of equipment. Their team explains how ESF can help optimize sow performance in group gestation pens by supporting the needs of individual sows within the group. They also showcase how ESF is one part of a complete system for efficient sow management. The New Standard Group and Nedap partnership supports projects from the planning stage until farm operation is underway.

Tim Kurbis:

"We are proud to offer Nedap technology to our customers"

“We are proud to offer Nedap technology to our customers and are proud to have been an integral part of Nedap’s success in North America,” says Tim Kurbis, president at New Standard U.S. “As of 2016, the New Standard Group has sold more than 1,200 ESF stations, and our facilities are feeding more than 75,000 sows.

Nedap dealer Tim Kurbis

“Nedap is a world leader in automated solutions for pork production, allowing us to provide dependable, flexible solutions to our customers. The New Standard Group is excited about the future and the relationship we have with Nedap,” adds Kurbis.

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