Nedap Livestock Connect is launched

Get connected with Nedap via Nedap Livestock Connect

Nedap has launched a unique service to be able to exchange data from and into its dairy and pig farming solutions via API connections. Nedap Livestock Connect enables livestock farmers and various parties such as suppliers of agricultural management systems, genetics companies, milking equipment suppliers, researchers and other stakeholders to extract data from Nedap solutions or insert data into them.  So that data from different solutions and applications can enhance each other.

How Nedap Livestock Connect works for you

For Livestock farmers, it means that the data generated and collected by their Nedap solutions can be easily extracted from these solutions and connected to other (farm) applications. This way it can be used by those other applications and generate added value to them. The other way around, it is also possible to insert data from other (farm) applications into the Nedap solutions.

Nedap Livestock Connect empowers various parties like those mentioned above by adding customer value to livestock farmers, added value for their own (software) systems, opportunities for new services and lots of insights. They can extract data from Nedap’s dairy and pig farming solutions and insert their own data into them. Of course only when livestock farmers give their permission for it. Our dedicated website gives you all the information and technical specifications to set up these connections.

Go to Nedap Livestock Connect website