Nedap CowControl - Reproduction Management

The new standard for controlled reproduction

Nedap presents its new software module Reproduction Management at EuroTier 2018. The module – which won a EuroTier Innovation Award – helps dairy farmers to be in total control of the reproduction of their herd.

Focus on cows that need attention throughout the entire production cycle

Nedap Reproduction Management keeps track of the reproductive status of all cows 24 hours a day throughout their entire reproduction cycle. It uniquely combines and integrates sensor data, cow events, fertility protocols and reproduction strategies in one intelligent system. Thanks to this integration and smart algorithms, it knows which cows are in heat, which cows have fertility problems and which cows are enrolled in specific protocols. The system automatically generates hands-on work lists on which all cows appear that either need to undergo a fertility check, (treatment) action or can be inseminated. They appear on these lists at the right time with the information needed to make the best decisions.

This allows dairy farmers to focus on the right cows with the right (treatment) actions throughout every stage of their production cycle, without disturbing the routine of other cows with time-consuming and costly checks and treatments.

Next-to-cow registration

Diagnoses, treatments and (follow-up) protocols can be registered directly and easily via smartphone while standing with the cow. Together with the integration of all reproductive information into one system, this means that complex and time-consuming administrative activities on paper and in multiple systems are eliminated. As a result, the chance of errors reduces and the level of compliance increases considerably. In addition, labor efficiency and effectiveness improve.


A smart analysis tool establishes the relationship between registered diagnoses, (treatment) actions and sensor data. Based on this, the Analytics module within Nedap Reproduction Management shows clear reports on the effects of fertility protocols on animal behavior. It also provides valuable insights on the fertility problems and reproductive performance of the herd.

Getting cows pregnant in a controlled way within an optimal time window

With Nedap Reproduction Management, dairy farmers get their cows pregnant in a fully controlled way within a time window that is optimal for them. Together with improved labor efficiency and an increased level of compliance, this ensures increased profitability.

Nedap Reproduction Management is the first application that is offered within Nedap’s new cloud platform. The software module can be added to existing Nedap CowControl systems and is expected to be released in the first half of 2019.

Integrated with Health Monitoring and Cow Locating

Nedap Reproduction Management is part of Nedap CowControl and therefore integrated with Health Monitoring and optionally Cow Locating.

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