Since 1977, we redefine dairy farming with technology that makes a vital contribution to sustainable food production for today’s and future generations.

We improve life on the farm for people and animals. Through solutions that provide crucial insights to optimize dairy herd performance and wellbeing, while also reducing workload and stress to enhance farm work and life.

Known for its reliability and innovation, our individual cow monitoring and management technology is the most trusted by farmers and partners around the world.

How we improve life for ...

We improve life on the farm not just for farmers, their families and for their cows. But also for our partners who dedicate their professional lives to the industry. Learn how.


Progressive farm successor.
Who strives to reduce antibiotic and hormone usage on his farm, while improving herd performance. In doing so, Arthur gets great assistance and results from his cow monitoring system.
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Carl and Chad

4th generation dairy farmers in Pennock, Minnesota.
Who spend less time checking the pens and increased their Preg Rate from 25 to 33%, since they started using their heat and health monitoring system.
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Herd manager at a 2500-cow dairy.
Who loves to embrace new technologies and now brings his herd’s reproduction, health and performance insights to life in the barn using Augmented Reality.
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Farm child who’s growing up on a dairy.
He gets to spend more time off farm with his family, since his parents save plenty of time on herd checks nowadays. They fully automate heat detection, health monitoring and drafting through Nedap technology.
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Klaas Ane

Future-oriented farmer in Sweden.
Who never has to search for his cows anymore. His cow locating system does that job for him and his team, saving them time and money and making their work more enjoyable.
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The O'Sullivan brothers

Spring calving based dairy farmers in County Kerry, Ireland.
Who gain peace of mind and a much lower repeat rate during the breeding season, thanks to the smart collars their cows are wearing.
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Betsy and Mo

Two of the highest producing ladies in the herd.
Who get milked in the quickest, most healthy and comfortable way possible. Thanks to a 100% freeflow milk meter that doesn’t cause teat-end vacuum fluctuations.
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A newborn calf.
Which will have two extra lactations and is granted a longer life on the farm. Thanks to technology that will monitor her reproduction, health and performance 24/7.
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Healthy cow that rarely has issues.
Her grass tetany was noticed at an early stage, because her collar accurately detected behavior changes. With the CowControl data, the vet was able to quickly diagnose and treat her, getting her back on her feet in no time.
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Premier Account Manager at Alta Genetics.
Who builds lasting relationships with farmers by ensuring they maximize the potential of their genetics, thanks to Alta Cow Watch.
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Farm Management Specialist at a Lely dealership in the U.S.
Who’s happy to be able to offer cow monitoring with locating solutions to farmers he works with, to solve today’s labor issues for them.
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For Donagh

Co-owner at Censortec.
He and his team offer Nedap CowControl to Irish farmers with full confidence, because they know the reliability of the products and support of the organization never disappoint.
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